New King and Country August Releases!


Every August and September each year K&C returns to the battle which took place in and around this Dutch town between 17-26 September 1944. As one of our best known series we have told, in miniature, many different aspects of the battle as it enfolded during those desperate days in the Autumn of 1944. Here, we show some of the British 1st Airborne soldiers that have been captured by the Germans

  • MG067 Arnhem Road Sign – Based on an actual photo this little sign makes a very useful diorama / display piece.
  • MG068 “Under New Ownership” – A captured Airborne Jeep driven by a German soldier ferries 2 x slightly wounded Paras back to a P.O.W. cage. In the front passenger seat seats a watchful guard.
  • MG070 Walking Wounded – A bloodied Glider Pilot sergeant makes his way into German captivity.
  • MG071 “Surrender and Search” – Every captured soldier has to empty his pockets and hand it all to his captors for inspection … Another Glider Pilot goes “into the bag”.
  • MG072 Marching into Captivity – Out of ammunition … food … water … and luck! This Para, hands on head, is marched to the rear accompanied by his Waffen SS captor.
  • MG073 “Comparing Notes” – A Wehrmacht officer shows his map to an NCO to find out where exactly the enemy is …

Operation Market Garden


  • RH012 Will Stutely – Another of Robin’s Merrie Men … this time stringing his long bow.
  • RH013 Arthur a Bland – Arthur was caught red-handed by the Sheriff’s men poaching one of the King’s deer (a hanging offence in those days). Fortunately he managed to escape and found refuge and safety in Sherwood Forest.
  • RH014 Robin in Disguise – One of the most-told tales of the legendary Robin was when, in disguise as a poor tinker, he took part in (and won) an archery contest sponsored by the Sheriff of Nottingham …. Here, Robin, with not a bit of “Lincoln Green” about him, prepares to take a shot at the target.
  • RH019 Archery Targets – A pair of straw-filled targets supported by simple wooden stands await the contestants’ arrows.

Robin Hood

New Versions of Old Favorites

A fresh new look to some still popular figures and sets …

  • HK252M Wonton Seller – Wonton soup and noodles is still a firm favorite with Hong Kong people … a Century before Wonton sellers had portable street stands to offer their delicious, hot bowlfuls to passing customers.
  • HK252G Wonton Seller
  • HK253M Mother & Child – Even just 30 years ago you could still see some Hong Kong mothers carry their infant offspring on their backs as they went about their daily business.
  • HK253G Mother & Child
  • HK263M New Sedan Chair Set – Up until the 1930’s sedan chairs and their passengers were a familiar sight on the streets of Hong Kong … Now long gone alas.
  • HK263G New Sedan Chair Set
  • WS324 “Spoils of War” – A
    young piglet is carried off by a Wehrmacht soldier … Alas for the pig it is not destined to become a pet!
  • WS327 The Apple Thief – This Wehrmacht soldier has come across a box full of apples … Perhaps they fell off the back of a truck …?

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