New Thomas Gunn February Releases!

Glory of Rome

ROM001 features a front rank legionnaire with Pilum lowered as he prepares to close with one of the many enemies that were Rome’s, at the height of its empire.

ROM005 are the second rank advancing, with Pilum raised marching in close formation behind the front rank.

The A version carry the classic Imperial Roman red shields and the B version carry the 30th legions black shields.

The A version is not limited and we will make as many as there is a demand for, the B version are limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

A signifier, an Imaginifer, an Aquilifer and a Centurion are all planned to accompany these advancing legionnaires

Glory of Rome


  • GW063 — Turkish sentry figure – Turkish sentry figure will look just the part in your WW1 collection, could be on parade or guarding a high ranking General, the choice is yours.

World War One

WWII – German

WWII German forces

WWII – Pacific

WWII Pacific

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