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JR-010 -- Highlander Standard Bearer # 2 - Cameron of Locheil’s Regiment

Jacobite Rebellion, 1745

  • JR-010 — Highlander Standard Bearer # 2 – Cameron of Locheil’s Regiment

Cameron of Locheil’s Regiment was one of the first to be raised, and was always one of the strongest Jacobite units. It was generally regarded as an elite unit, even though it was originally very badly armed.

It was reported to be at least 700 strong at the Battle of Culloden, and two colours are known to have been present at the battle. One of which was the simple red and yellow barred colours. It was supposed to have been captured from the Camerons at Culloden, but was not included in the official list of trophies.

The present whereabouts of the colours are unknown but in the late nineteenth century they were still preserved in a glass frame, but were wrongly identified as belonging to the Princes’ Lifeguards.

Gordon at Khartoum

The Patched JIBBA was the costume of all Mahdists in the Sudan, warrior and civilian alike. It was an outward sign of adherence to the MAHDIYYA ( the Mahdist movement), and all who wore it were called ANSAR ("helpers").

The origin of the uniform is the short garment worn by the poor of the Nineteenth Century Sudan. It was made of rough cloth and it was frequently patched where it was torn. Originally the patches were a necessity and sewn on irregularly, but later became ordered and more ornamental.

The Jibba became the Mahdist uniform by accident. It was only after the defeat of Hicks, that the Mahdi issued regulations concerning the uniform dress of his followers.

The full uniform was a patched Jibba, sirival (white trousers), sayidan (sandals), Karaba (girdle of Straw), Taggia (hat or skull cap) , imam (turban), and sibba  (beads).

The imam was wrapped around the taggia and allowed to hang loose under the folds of the imam behind the left ear, while the rest was wrapped so that successive folds made an inverted "V" in the front.

The Fez, which was a sign of Turkish allegiance was strictly forbidden.

Battle of the Plains of Abraham

  • QB-027 — The 28th Regiment of Foot, Officer with Regimental Colours

Raid on St. Francis

Model Dimensions 81/2"x 5"x 4" Scale 1:30

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