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New First Legion Announcement Expected Late November 2015!

Sunday, October 25th, 2015


Crusader Knights & Allies

WWI –  British

British 11th Royal Fusiliers

WWII – Stalingrad

Stalingrad Russians

New Thomas Gunn Releases Expected November 2015!

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

New Additions for November Release!
WWII – Allied

Flight Lieutenant David Lord VC relaxing in a wicker chair with cricket bat and cat accessories! Lord was born in Ireland where his father was serving with the
Royal Welsh Fusiliers. He enlisted in the RAF in 1936 and in 1939 was accepted for pilot training, upon completion of training he was posted to India and the
Middle East flying transport aircraft. In 1944 Lord was posted back to the UK to undertake further training in the dropping of paratroops and supplies during
airborne operations. It was during the Market Garden operation at Arnhem that Lord was awarded a Victoria Cross albeit posthumously, when despite the Dakota
aircraft he was flying being on fire, he returned to complete another circuit drop as two of his supply containers were still attached to the underwing of the
aircraft. Lord knew that his aircrafts condition was in a perilous state and as soon as the containers were jettisoned he ordered his crew to bail out,
unfortunately it was too late and the plane plunged to the ground, only 1 crew member survived to relay the story in 1945 after being released from a POW camp.
Lord was awarded the VC for his selfless action and is now buried in Arnhem Cemetery along with his other crew members.

WWII Allied Forces

WWII – German

Comprises a new version of an anti tank team very reminiscent of TGM003 released some 6 years previous. The Panzerschreck was a mid war anti tank weapon based on captured samples of the American Bazooka utilising previous German technology. The main difference between the German and American weapons was that the German variant fired an 88mm rocket which could penetrate any Allied armour, but at the same time produced more smoke upon firing, giving it the nickname Stovepipe. The large amount of smoke produced meant that the crews had to change positions after firing in order to avoid being attacked by surviving tanks and infantry, this in itself was hazardous especially under battlefield conditions. A shield was added later, adding a further 2 Kilos to the overall weight. But in true
battlefield tradition this new shield was sometimes removed by its crew in order to make carrying less labour intensive! Our unique set features two Fallschirmjager wearing gas masks (without the canister attachment), ammunition crate and 2 x personal side-arms for the crew.

WWII German forces

WWII – Japanese

Type 41 75mm Japanese artillery cannon with 3 man crew as per the attached pictures. The Type 41 was a licensed copy of the German Krupp 08 mountain gun
and was issued at a rate of 4 per Infantry Regiment within the Japanese military. It could be dismantled and transported by 6 horses or be pulled by
hand if necessary. The type 41 was a very accurate weapon and saw service throughout the war. Our A version crew come in all green uniforms with a green
painted mountain gun, the B version crew come in mixed green/khaki uniforms and a brown/green camouflage colour cannon. Complete set comes with 3 crew, cannon, 2 x crew rifles, spare cannon shell and ammunition crate.

WWII Pacific

Zulu Wars

Features a British Redcoat making a desperate charge bayonet fitted against the Zulus. Comes in 3 versions with the 100 of an A version in traditional blue
trousers, 50 of the B version wearing white trousers and 50 of the C version wearing locally made faded brown trousers. For those of you wanting to recreate
a multiple scenario of these figures charging, the different colours in uniforms will definitely help you out here!

African Wars

New Black Hawk Release Expected December 2015!

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

New Series Release Expected December 2015!
American West – Road to Glory

A new series featuring the ride to the Battle of Little Big Horn, where destiny awaits!

Road to Glory

Collectors Showcase New Release’s Expected November 2015!

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

New Release’s Expected November 2015!
American Revolution

American Revolution

American Civil War – Wheat’s Tigers

Wheat’s Tigers

WWII – German

World War II Collection

WWII – American

American Force WWII

Masterworks 1/6 Statues

Masterworks Collection

New Britain’s Arrivals For Late October!

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Clash of Empires

Clash of Empires

Rorke’s Drift

Rorke’s Drift – Matte Version

WWI German Forces 1916 -1918

WWI German Forces 1916 -1918

Wojtek the Bear – Sierra Toy Soldier Exclusive – Expected December

Monday, October 5th, 2015

Wojtek the Bear

Sierra Toy Soldier Exclusive with King & Country. Wojtek & His Handler!

Wojtek the Bear was adopted as a young cub, in 1942 by soldiers of the 22nd Transport Company, Artillery Division of the Polish 2nd Corp. The 2nd Corp was made up of Polish Prisoners, and deportees, released from labor camps in Siberia. They fought in the Middle East, North Africa, and Italy. Wojtek, was given his own pay-book, rank and serial number so he could accompany his adopted family. He loved to wrestle his companions, share their rations, including beer and cigarettes. The bear considered himself a soldier, and would copy what they did.

When his Company fought at the Battle of Monte Cassino, Wojtek helped carry ammunition, never dropping a shell. After the battle, a likeness of Wojtek holding a shell became the official badge of the 22nd Transport Company. At the end of the war Wojtek was demobilized in Scotland. He was placed in Edinburgh Zoo. He was very popular with the visitors, and became especially excited when he heard anyone speaking the Polish Language. Wojtek died in 1963. Many books have been written about his exploits. There are numerous pictures and films showing his exploits available online. Several statues of Wojtek have been erected in many parts of the world. Wojtek’s memory will live on.

Sierra Toy Soldier Exclusive with King & Country. First Edition of 300!

Monte Cassino

King & Country October Releases

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Robin Hood

For as long as I can remember I have always loved the stories, legends and films about “Robin Hood” and his exploits.

Some time ago I was watching, for the umpteenth time, the classic Warner Brothers “The Adventures of, Robin Hood”, the great 1938 swash-buckler starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone and Claude Rains.

Not for the first time, I thought why don’t K&C do a “Robin Hood” series that can draw on the influences and inspiration of movies like this one as well as another old favourite…the 1952 British “Robin Hood” film starring a young and dashing “Richard Todd”. Even further back was another inspirational picture, the Douglas Fairbank’s “Robin Hood” silent movie, made back in 1922.

All of these wonderful adventure films as well as books and comics of my youth provided a wealth of material to build a series around.

  • RH001 — Robin Hood
    – Over the centuries our hero has had many
    names…Robin, Earl of Huntington…Robin of Loxley…Robyn of York…and many,
    many others. However, one thing all the stories agree upon was that he was a
    highly skilled archer and swordsman. In addition, he is often portrayed as
    “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor”. And traditionally, he was also
    garbed in “a coat of Lincoln Green”…particularly useful and sensible if you
    are going to hide out from your enemies in a forest! Our “Robin” stands
    four-square, one hand on hip and holding his longbow in the other. As you can
    see he’s not completely in “Lincoln Green”, his earth brown doublet makes a nice
    contrast to the rest of him but he still has that quietly confident look about
    him and seems ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice should
    circumstance demand it.

  • RH002 — Will Scarlett
    – One of Robin’s most trusted
    Lieutenant’s and… a pretty fair archer in his own right. Bow and arrow in hand
    the more colorful Will still has a “splash” of Lincoln Green in his dress but,
    as can be seen, it’s easy to see how he got his name!

  • RH003 — Friar Tuck
    – In many of the stories and Legends of
    Robin Hood a common character is this corpulent and roguish churchman. In most
    tales he is depicted as a well-fed, jovial monk with a fondness for good food
    and fine ale…although he has a fiery temper into the bargain. He’s also handy
    with a quarter staff and sword.

SPECIAL NOTE:Look out for many more of Robin’s “Merrie Men” in coming months as well as…”Guy of Gisbourne” and some of the Sherrif of Nottingham’s nasty, Norman underlings!!!

Robin Hood

Napoleonic – French 7th Hussars

French 7th Hussars

Remember the Alamo

Remember the Alamo

Montgomery’s 8th Army

This first batch of turbaned “Desert Warriors” belong to the famous 4th. Indian Division also known as “The Red Eagle Division”.

The Division was formed in Egypt in 1939 and was the first Indian Army formation to go overseas during the Second World War. In addition to fighting in North Africa the Division saw action in Italy as well.

Today the Division still plays an important combat role in the modern, independent Indian Army.

Montgomery’s 8th Army

Berlin’38 Leibstandarte

Long before the outbreak of WW2 Adolf Hitler, the failed artist, had great
visions for the great, new Germany he wanted to build once he had defeated and
conquered all his enemies…

Of prime importance in Hitler’s dreams was his wish to build not only a new capital for Germany…He wanted to build a new city that would be the capital of all of German-dominated Europe! And he was going to call it “GERMANIA”.

Here, we see Hitler, together with his favourite architect Albert Speer overlooking a scale model of just part of their grandiose town-planning scheme for the bigger, better, bolder Berlin.

The Fuhrer, leaning over the model, uses a magnifying glass to examine all the fine detail to ensure nothing has been left out…

By his side stands the pensive (and proud) Speer happy to see his leader’s appreciation of his and his team’s work.

Up until almost the final days of the Fall of Berlin one of Hitler’s favourite past times was to visit and inspect the many architectural models of “Germania”, his great capital city that would never be built!

Berlin’38 Leibstandarte

Fields of Battle

  • FoB111 — The Panhard 178 Armoured Car
    – This was an advanced, for
    its time, French reconnaissance 4 x 4 armoured car that was designed for
    France’s motorized cavalry regiments just before the outbreak of WW2. With a
    crew of 4, it mounted a 25mm main gun and 7.5mm coaxial machine gun. After the
    defeat of France in June 1940 many were taken over by the Wehrmacht and used
    extensively throughout the rest of the war…Usually on “internal security” and
    “anti-partisan” duties on the Eastern Front. Our new K&C Panhard comes in
    typical early war French-style camouflage and includes a vehicle commander
    figure in the turret.

  • FoB112 — Standing Armoured Car Crewman
    – Dressed in the
    standard armoured corps leather jerkin, holding his helmet and wearing his beret
    this soldier could only…be French!

  • FoB113 — Walking Ready Poilu
    – During the battle for France in
    May and June 1940 the greatest burden and casualties fell on the French
    infantry. Here this “Poilu” warily advances (or perhaps retreats) rifle at the
    ready. His uniform and equipment has barely changed since 1918!

  • FoB114 — Marching Poilus
    – As one “Poilu” mops his brow the
    other doggedly marches on in this little 2-man set of French infantrymen.

  • FoB115 — Marching Machine Gunner
    – Carrying his FM24/29 Light
    Machine Gun another Poilu looks out for the enemy. This robust and reliable
    weapon was partly derived from the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) and
    served the French Army for more than 50 years! It was the standard squad-level
    automatic weapon and saw plenty of action in WW2 as well as postwar in Indo
    China and Algeria.

  • FoB116 — Marching Medic
    – All armies need medics and stretcher
    bearers and the French army was no exception…Here our “Poilu Medic” shoulders
    the folded stretcher as well.

  • FoB117 — Hotchkiss Machine Gun Crew Set
    – Originally developed
    for use in the First World War, this tripod-mounted gun was a sturdy and
    reliable source of firepower during the early stages of WW2. As one of our
    gunners observes the enemy through his binos the other prepares to open fire.

Fields of Battle

Operation Market Garden

Arnhem’s German Military Commander, General Friedrich Kussin had the fatal misfortune to run into some of the advancing British paratroopers on the outskirts of the Dutch town.

A fusillade of rifle and machine gunfire raked the General’s car and killed both his driver and himself!

Our CITROEN TRACTION staff car was one of the thousands that the Wehrmacht took over after the Fall of France in 1940.

As the General’s ill-fated driver sits slumped dead behind the wheel the senior officer himself has been dragged lifeless out of the car and left `half in-half out’ of the vehicle.

Looks great with some Paras standing around!

Operation Market Garden