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Britain’s New Arrivals For September!

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Jack Tars & Leathernecks Collection

 Jack Tars & Leathernecks Collection

Clash of Empires

 Clash of Empires

Battle of Waterloo, 1815

 Battle of Waterloo, 1815

Rorke’s Drift

Rorke’s Drift – Matte Version

Battle of the Somme

 Battle of the Somme

King & Country September 2015 Releases!

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Pike & Musket

A set of 3 x “Royalist” Musketeers in different attitudes preparing to fire their weapons.

English Civil War – Pike & Musket

Napoleonic – French 7th Hussars

As everyone knows the life of a soldier is not all battles and bloodshed…Most soldiers spend most of their time before or after a conflict relaxing and enjoying each other’s companionship. Here are some examples…

  • NA306 — Rest & Recuperation – As one 7th Hussar relates how he was wounded his fellow Hussar quietly enjoys his pipe.
  • NA313 — Rest & Refreshment – Seated at a table with a plate of cheese before them this pair of 7th Hussars slake their thirst with some local wine.
  • NA315 — Mounted Hussar – Turning in the saddle this 7th Hussar is about to go on picket duty.
  • NA348 — The Maid – This comely wench is checking to see whether the two gentlemen from NA315 need their wine “topped-up”.

French 7th Hussars

World of Dickens

A small additional selection of figures to fill out your Dickens Street scene…/p>

  • WoD026 — The Old Organ Grinder & his Monkey – A familiar sight on any Victorian Street was the itinerant “Organ Grinder” usually accompanied by an animal of one kind or another…In this case a small monkey. Our “Organ Grinder” is obviously an “Old Soldier” probably from the “Wars of Napoleon” and still
    wears the remains of his old uniform and even a campaign medal or two.
  • WoD027 — Isambard Kingdom Brunel – One of the great civil and mechanical engineering geniuses of the Victorian age…He designed Steam Ships…Suspension Bridges…Railways…Tunnels and much more. His designs transformed Britain and revolutionized public transport and modern engineering. Here he stands proud and confident…A great Victorian.
  • WoD028 — Mother & Child – A loving mother and her babe-in-arms.
  • WoD029 — Mr. Phineas Wagstaff – A gentleman of some wealth and position enjoying his morning stroll.
  • WoD032 — “Please sir, can I have more..?” – A plaintiff (and hungry) young Oliver Twist holds his bowl before him and requests a little extra sustenance. One of Dickens’ most famous characters.

World of Dickens

Fields of Battle

  • FoB101 — One Old Man & His Dog – It wasn’t only people that lose their homes in wartime… Here, this old civilian has only the clothes he stands up in and…his little dog which he is carrying in a cardboard box…At least the dog has some shelter. Another poignant little addition to our series of civilian refugees of war.

Fields of Battle

Red Army Resurgent

  • RA071 — The Souvenir Collector – All armies, given the opportunity, will loot when and where possible. Here, a Russian officer holds his machine pistol in one hand and carries off a bust of the Führer as a small momento of the battle.
  • RA072 — Kneeling Reloading – A kneeling Red Army private reaches into his pouch for a fresh magazine for his Ppsh 41 machine gun.
  • RA073 — Attack! – As one Russian soldier urges his Comrades forward into the assault his comrade provides covering fire.
  • RA074 — Female Fighter – One of the Red Army’s women fighters replenishes her magazine.

Russian Front and Berlin 1945

Operation Market Garden

  • MG059(P) — Lt. Jimmy Cleminson – Lt. Cleminson was in charge of No.5 Platoon of “B” Company, 3 Para during the Arnhem operation. As he led his platoon forward a German Citroen Staff Car suddenly appeared at a road junction. He and his men opened fire riddling the vehicle and killing all its occupants including a German General…Only later did he discover that the senior officer was none other than the German commander of the Arnhem area…General Friedrich Kussin! * See later notes…
  • MG061(P) — “Sergeant Jim Sharrock” Glider Pilot Regiment– Sergeant Sharrock flew to Arnhem piloting a Hamilcar glider carrying a 17 pounder gun of the 1st Air landing Auti Tank Battery…He was killed in action on 22 September and, alas, has no known grave. Our figure depicts him just after he landed still wearing his flying helmet and carrying a map and his Browning automatic.
  • MG062(P) — The Ambushers – Two of General Kussin’s opponents from No.5 Platoon have a “smoke-break” after their successful ambush.

Operation Market Garden

Welbike Set

This is normally only available from KC. But for our customers who would like to add this to their order, let us know and we will be pleased to supply it to you in our store or in your shipment.
Unfortunately we will not be listing it on our web site.

  • MG065X “The Welbike Set” – Several thousand of these miniature air-portable motorcycles were manufactured during the war and some were parachuted into
    Arnhem. Here our Para has halted his bike and unslung his Sten Gun…ready for action.

To order just contact us and reference “MG065X” and we will take care of the rest.


Although not available until October here is a “Sneak Peak” at “General Kussin’s Ambushed Citroen”

  • WH044 – The set includes the bullet riddled Citroen Staff Car with the dead body of the German General lying half-in…half-out of the vehicle. Sitting slumped in the driver’s seat is his unfortunate driver.
  • WH045 “Dead German General’s ADC” – To accompany the above set is a separate dead German Staff Officer who managed to escape from the ambushed vehicle…but did not get very far before being cut down.

The Battle of Britain

  • RAF071 — “The Aston Martin “Ulster” (Fire Engine Red) – By their very own description fighter pilots love all kinds of speed…And many of them even had their own sports cars. A favorite of some of the wealthier ones was the Aston Martin “Ulster” which had taken part in the famous Le Mans races in the years before the war. This particular “fire engine red” racer has its proud pilot/owner behind the wheel.
  • RAF072 — Air Vice Marshal Sir Keith Park – This tall New Zealander was a WW1 Flying Ace who remained in the Royal Air Force after 1918. At the time of the Battle of Britain, in the summer of 1940, he was in command of No.11 Group RAF tasked with the fighter defence of London and South East England. A firm supporter of Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, he won a reputation as a shrewd tactician and a popular “hands-on” leader who often flew his own personal Hurricane around his widely dispersed airfields to talk with and listen to his squadron commanders and pilots.
    Our figure shows him in flying gear about to take off on one of his regular tours of his fighter airfields.
  • RAF073 — Squadron Leader Bob Stanford-Tuck – Stanford-Tuck joined the RAF in 1935. He first saw combat during the Fall of France over Dunkirk and went on to become an “ace” several times over during the Battle of Britain. He was shot down over France in January 1942 when his tally of “kills” numbered 27 and 2 shared.He survived imprisonment in the infamous Colditz and the war and enjoyed a successful career postwar during which he even became a friend of his old opponent, Adolf Galland.
  • RAF074 — “The Aston Martin “Ulster” (Sky Blue)

Royal Airforce

Retreat to Dunkirk

  • FoB118 — Morris CS9 Armoured Car – A “classic” early war British armoured car utilizing the chassis of the Morris Commercial C9 truck. On this chassis was mounted a riveted hull and an open-topped turret. Armament consisted on a “Boys” anti-tank rifle and a Bren Gun.Our model is in the markings of the 12th Royal Lancers during the Battle of France in 1940 and comes with a vehicle commander figure.
  • FoB119 — “Walking Wounded” – A British “Tommy” helps his wounded mate along the road towards the beaches of Dunkirk…and hopefully home to dear old “Blighty”.
  • FoB123 — Rear guard Trio – While some blokes get the opportunity to retreat others have to stay back and hold up the advancing Germans. These three “Tommies” prepare for battle.
  • FoB124 — Truck Passengers – Two other “Toms” take the weight off their feet and have a moment’s rest. They’re been on the road for days now and deserve a break! Both figures and the separate boxes they sit on fit perfectly into K&C’s
    own Morris CS8 truck (FOB091) or, as you see here, can sit next to a road or a building.
  • FoB125 — “Knackened!” – The urban definition of that particularly English word “Knackered” means “completely worn-out” or “physically exhausted”. It is in most common usage in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and New Founland.
    Our British “Tommy” here is sitting down by the roadway or perhaps in the back of the truck…but the description is still appropriate.

Fields of Battle