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John Jenkins Future Releases – March Announcement

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

COMING SOON!…..a sample of some of the offerings coming this spring and summer! The following releases are all in production. I hope there will be something for everyone?

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  • British Medium Tank, Mark C, “Hornet” – More Great War armour, and artillery pieces are on the way! The British Medium Tank, Mark C, “Hornet” will also be on display at the London show

  • 35th Regiment of Foot will be Marching Grenadiers
  • French Regulars – There will be plenty of New French Regulars, suitable for Ticonderoga, as well as the Seven Years War in Europe.
  • Roth Wurzburg Infantry Regiment – to defend the Gateway at Leuthen
  • British Artillery crews – Suitable for both the War of 1812 and the Penninsular War.
  • Woodland Indians

John Jenkins Collectors Club March 2013 – Update

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Collectors Club

  • JJCLUB-SET#15 — Roger’s ServantSTATUS –IN PRODUCTION, DELIVERY APPROX MAY 2013 – Limited Edition (232)
    Rogers’ servant had been with him for many years. During the Battle of Snowshoes they became separated, and the servant found himself travelling with Captain Henry Pringle, and Lieutenant Boyle Roche. Pringle wrote that during the retreat , “one night the servant, straggled from us, where he sat down, fell asleep and died immediately, tho a very strong man.”
  • JJCLUB-SET#16 — English Travelling Blacksmith’s ForgeSTATUS –IN PRODUCTION, DELIVERY APPROX. MAY 2013 – Limited Edition (221)
    In Ideal situations, each British field artillery battery would have a travelling forge. The forgehad to be light and portable, in order to be able to properly repair any carriage or artillery piece that had become disabled.

Thomas Gunn – March 2013 Releases

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

French Foreign Legion.

The long awaited French Foreign Legion finally arrive this month amongst great excitement. There will be more figures coming later in the year including Arabs for our legionnaires to go up against! We decided to opt for the classic Beau Geste period for this new range which encompasses the late 1800’s to 1916 when the legion switched over to a khaki uniform. Depending on the success of this series we plan to launch into other eras and cover plenty of classic battles in which the legion took part. All in all a series with huge potential and one which we are all very excited about at Thomas Gunn to be participating in.
Kicking off the series are six new figures as follows:

French Foreign Legion

Scramble for Africa

Following on from our French boys in blue we also launch a new series of British redcoats suitable for the 1st Boer or the Zulu Wars whichever you prefer. We will be releasing Boer figures to add to these sets at a later date. These figures are 54mm in size and designed to compliment Britain’s or the Conte range of figures and as such are designed to fill the gaps in these two ranges. Four figures will launch this range and are as follows:

African Wars