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Britain’s New Releases May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

American Revolution

  • BR18026 — British 10th Foot Light Infantry Standing Firing No.1

American Revolution

Battle of Isandlwana, 22 January, 1879

  • BR20062 — Natal Carabineers Trooper – Kneeling Firing No.1
  • BR20071 — British 24th Foot – Standing Firing No.2

Battle of Isandlwana, 22 January, 1879
Zulu Wars

Battle of Waterloo, 1815

  • BR36044 — French 4th Lancer Corporal Charging, No.3

Battle of Waterloo, 1815



  • BR44039 — Musketeer, 1st Guards, 1686
  • BR44041 — Private, 24th Foot At Port Arms

Classic Collection – Redcoats


Britain’s Latest Releases.

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Archive Collection

  • BR49010 — Fusiliers Marching at Slope

Archive Collection


Art of War Collection

  • BR31055 — Union Infantry Iron Brigade Charging #1

Art of War Collection
American Civil War


Battle of Waterloo, 1815

  • BR36043 — British 42nd (Black Watch) Highlander Charging, No.1

Battle of Waterloo, 1815


Battle of Isandlwana, 22 January, 1879

  • BR20061 — Natal Carabineers Trooper – Standing Firing No.1

Battle of Isandlwana, 22 January, 1879

Zulu Wars


Figarti – New Releases For June 2010!

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Red Bull Express – New! Expected in June 2010!

The Red Ball Express was an enormous convoy system created by Allied forces to supply their forward-area combat units moving through Europe following the breakout from the D-Day beaches in Normandy. The term “Red Ball” was a railroad phrase referring to express shipping. The system lasted only three months, from August 25 to November 16, 1944, when the port facilities at Antwerp, Belgium were opened.

  • ETA-015 — Red Ball Express – GMC Deuce and a half
  • ETA-016 — U.S. Fuel Truck – GMC CCKW 353 fuel truck
  • ETA-018 — Red Ball Mechanics
  • ETA-019 — Take Cover!
  • ETA-029 — Ambushed MP Jeep
  • ETA-031 — Keep’em Rolling! – Red Ball Highway sign & single figure



Hobby Master – New Releases August 2010.

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

New Releases for August / September 2010.

Air Power

  • HA2904 – Douglas A-1J Skyraider 56th SOW, 602nd Fighter Sqn. “No.014”
  • HA7704 – P-51D Mustang 78th FS/15th FG Iwo Jima, April 1945 “Margaret IV”

Air Power

Modern Air Power

  • HA0146 – MIG-21R Czech Air Force “2102”
  • HA1953 – McDonnell Douglas RF- 4E Phantom II 69-7448, 35+01, Luftwaffe Aufklaerungsgeschwader
    51 “Immelmann” Bremgarten AB, “Spirit of St. Louis”
  • HA2506 – F-105D Thunderchief 354th TFS/355th TFW, Thailand, 11th Agust 1967 “Dropping
    the Doumer Bridge”
  • HA2604 – RAF/Royal Navy Joint Force, Afghanistan 2008 “ZD461”
  • HA2704 – XF-2A TRDI & A.D.T.W.  “63-8501”  c/n 1001

Modern Air Power

Ground Power

  • HG3206 — M26 Pershing Tank 70th Tank Battalion (Soixante-Dix) , Korean War
  • HG3412 – M10 Tank Destroyers 1st Armored Div., 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion, Italy,
    May 1944
  • HG3908 — German Cargo Truck 1st Panzer Division, early Spring 1940 “Fuel Transporter”
  • HG4302 — Sd. Kfz. 234/3 Puma 116th Panzer Division, Normandy, Autumn 1944

Ground Power


  • HL3006 – Vickers Viscount 700 Series Air Canada Airlines CF-THS
  • HL4003 – Boeing 377 “Stratocruiser” Northwest Orient Airlines N74606


Hobby Master

Honour Bound – New June Releases

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

New Releases Expected in June!

  • HB049 — Gebirgsjagers, German Mountain Troops, WWII
  • HB050 — Panzer crew on the run, WWII

Honour Bound

John Jenkins – New June Releases

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Battle on the Monongahela, 1755

  • BM-022 — 44th Regiment of Foot, British Line Infantry, Wounded Set #1

Of the 1,300 men Braddock led into battle, 456 were killed outright and 422 were reported wounded.
Commissioned officers were prime targets and suffered greatly: out of 86 officers, 26 were killed and 37 wounded.
Of the 50 or so women that accompanied the British column as maid, cooks and necessary women only 4 returned with the British—with around half being taken as captives.
The French reported very few casualties.

Battle on the Monongahela, 1755

Jacobite Rebellion, 1745

  • JR-017 — Combat Set #4 – Highlander and British Line Infantry Defending.

Barrell’s was one of the few regiments to see off their attackers at Falkirk, which meant they were more prepared to face the Highland onslaught than many other regiments. It is also reported that the sight of the attacking Highlanders stumbling and tripping over each other in the marshy terrain, helped the redcoats to suppress any immediate panic.

Cumberland’s own official account of the battle pays tribute to the 4th Regiment of foot.
“That general Barrell’s regiment gained the greatest reputation imaginable”

This month sees the release of the fourth hand to hand set.

Jacobite Rebellion

Battle of Chippewa

Suitable for use in virtually any Napoleonic Ballefield where British Artillery was being used.

The clash of infantry against infantry was the most important aspect of Napoleonic battles.

The technological advances of the period had made the artillery the most powerful arm in battle. The main part of the weapon was the gun, basically an elongated metal cylinder open at the muzzle end. A charge of powder and a projectile were loaded into the hollow centre or bore of the gun, and when the charge was ignited the resulting explosion propelled the projectile out the muzzle toward the target.
Guns were designated by the weight of the round shot they fired. The most common and useful gun in the War of 1812 was the 6-pdr.

The 6pdr round shot had a fearsome effect. At 600-700 yards under optimum conditions, it could cut through nineteen men or seven feet of earth.

Battle of Chippewa

JJ Collectors Club – May Update – New Club Figure – Updated
Battle on Snowshoes

As the Monongahela Series is now back in production with the new 44th British Line Infantry sets, the next couple of Collectors’ Club Special sets will be for the Battle On Snowshoes Series.

The first set will be two French officers. Ensign Durantaye of the Companies Franches de La Marine, was the officer who led the advance party of 95 men, most of whom were Indians. They had set out approximately 15 minutes before Langy, and Richelieu who were with the main force of 200 French marines and Canadian Militia.

  • JJCLUB-SET#4 — Battle On Snowshoes 1758, 2 French Officers Ensign Durantaye, and Cadet Richelieu – Pre-order period ends June 1, 2010.

Please Note Pre-order period ends July 1, 2010.

Battle on Snowshoes

Collectors Club

King & Country – June Releases

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

American Civil War – “Union Forever”

  • CW052(SL)–“Lincoln & His Generals”
    This is K&C’s first-ever “Strictly Limited” American Civil War set and we’ve chosen to depict President Abraham Lincoln and three of his most famous Generals.
    Ulysses S. Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman and Ambrose Burnside. All four figures are based on images captured by the noted Civil War photographer, Mathew Brady.
    Just 750 sets of this limited edition four-figure set are being produced in their own specially designed box complete with a numbered certificate.
  • CW053 — “Brevet Major General George Armstrong Custer”
    One of the Union’s most legendary cavalry commanders, and one of the most reckless. Custer stands proud in all his Civil War finery (designed by himself).
  • CW054 — “The Photographer, Mathew Brady”
    Perhaps the most famous pictorial chronicler of the Civil War and its soldiers, from the high and the mighty to the humblest private and non com, Brady photographed them all.
  • CW058 — “Maj. Gen. John Buford Jr.”
    Another of the Union’s most famous cavalry officers and one of the architects of the victory at Gettysburg.
  • CW059 — “Union Guidon Bearer”
    This mounted cavalryman carries the swallow-tailed guidon of his squadron.
  • CW060 — “Union Bugler”
  • CW061 “Officer Firing Pistol”
    This mounted Lieutenant fires his Navy Colt at the opposition.
  • CW062 — “Trooper Aiming Carbine”
  • CW063 — “Prisoner and Escort”
    A mounted trooper, carbine resting on the pommel of his saddle, takes a captured Confederate cavalryman to the rear.
  • CW064 — “Trooper Kneeling Loading Carbine”
  • CW065 — “Trooper Kneeling Cocking Carbine”
  • CW066 — “Trooper Kneeling Firing Carbine”
  • CW067 — “Trooper Standing Firing Carbine”
  • CW068 — “Trooper Firing Pistol”

American Civil War

Scenic & Diorama – “France In Ruins”

France as a country has been fought over many times by many different armies and conquerors for hundreds of years.

Both the 1st and 2nd World Wars left the country devastated by battle. Here is the first of a new display series that provides dramatic and realistic backgrounds for a wide range of different conflicts from medieval times right up to and including the Second World War.

  • SP037 — “Battle Scarred Normandy Church façade”
    A superbly detailed rendering of both the exterior and interior facades of a typical Norman church. Both sides of the building provide a wealth of diorama possibilities whether they be the Thirty Years War… Napoleonic Campaigns or even more recent Twentieth Century conflicts… the choice is yours!
  • Length: 60 mm
  • Width: 270 mm
  • Height: 290 mm

Scenic & Diorama

WWII – Luftwaffe “Flak Support”

The Opel Maultier was originally developed to handle the terrible road conditions on the Eastern Front… The Germans realized that half-track style vehicles operated far better than normal all-wheeled transport trucks and lorries.

A whole host of different applications could be used with the “Maultier”… including mounting flak guns on them.

  • LW032 — “Opel Maultier Flakwagen”
    This Luftwaffe crewed vehicle mounts a 20mm Flak Gun. The three crew members scan the sky for enemy aircraft. Perfect for Normandy… Italy… or even the Eastern Front (at least in the summer!)


Airfix Models – New Releases

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

The latest releases from Airfix include 2 new Gift Sets. Each set includes Humbrol Acrylic Paints, Humbrol Precision Poly and Paint Brushes. Ideal childs second or third model kit, when they are ready for something a little more complex to build. Designed for years 8+. Many fun hours were had putting model kits toghther, good news is that it is still as much fun today, especially all the paint and glue is provided.

  • A50038 — Dogfight Double Junkers Ju-88 & Hawker Hurricane MkIIb
  • A50061 — The Dambusters


Britains – New Arrivals

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

The Corps of Drums - 2nd Battalion

Limited Edition – Military Bands

  • BR48008 — The Corps of Drums – 2nd Battalion – 24th Foot – 1879 – 12 Piece Set – Limited Edition of 500 Sets.

Military Bands

The American Civil War

  • BR31051 — Chosen Ground Set #1 – Command Set #1 – 8 Piece Set (Limited to 500 Sets) – (Art of War Collection)
  • BR31053 — Union Stretcher Bearer Set – 4 Piece Set – Limited Edition of 700 Sets
    A perfect companion piece to the recently released Rucker Ambulance Wagon. This set is very reminiscent of the famous Civil War period photograph of a Zouave stretcher bearer and orderly. (Medical Series Collection)

American Civil War


  • BR20049 — Rorke’s Drift bakehouse and ovens set – 3 Piece Set
    When we said we were going to do as complete a representation of the compound as possible we were not kidding!
  • BR20050 — Biscuit Box Wall Sections – 6 Piece Set
    Some of the boxes are even marked “Commissariat Natal” and “Navy Biscuit”
  • BR20051 — Zulu Wounded Set – 2 Piece Set – Limited Edition of 800 Sets
  • BR20052 —  Zulu iNdluyengwe Regiment Charging with Assegai No. 1
  • BR20053 — Zulu uDloko Regiment Throwing Assegai No. 1

Zulu War