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Corgi April Release In Stock!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Hurricane Mk I

WWII British Fighter Aircraft

  • AA32019 — Hurricane Mk I – 73 Sqn, Fl Off. E.J. ‘Cobber’ Kain, Rouvres, France, Spring 1940

Edgar James ‘Cobber’ Kain, a New Zealander, joined the RAF in 1936. He was quickly recognized as an outstanding pilot, flying Gladiators with 73 Sqn. In 1938 the squadron converted to Hurricanes and flew to France just 4 days after war was declared.

Kain’s first victory, a Do17, was achieved on 8th Nov 1939. His career rapidly became one of firsts, first RAF Pilot to claim a Me109E; first WWII RAF Ace; first to receive the DFC.

By 6th June 1940 ‘Cobber’ was the top RAF Ace with 16 kills and one probable and was due to return to England the following day. Leaving Echimenes in a Hurricane he proceeded to ‘beat up’ the airfield, but on his third roll the aircraft went into a spin and crashed, killing him instantly. No one knows for sure the serial number of Kain’s Hurricane ‘Paddy III’ but, it is likely an early ‘L’ prefix aircraft (possibly L1766).

From Sept 1939 all Hurricanes were fitted with a metal wing in place of the early canvas covered wing and any surviving ‘L’ prefix machines were upgraded. This model represents such a modified machine during the height of the Battle of France in the spring of 1940.

Scale 1:72 Limited Edition

WWII British Fighter Aircraft


Hobby Master April Releases In Stock!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

F-22 Raptor

Air Power

  • HA1113 – Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat VOF-1, USS Tulagi, August 1944
  • HA1114 – Grumman F6F-5P Hellcat VF-84 “Wolf Gang”, USS Bunker Hill, 1945
  • HA2902 – Douglas A-1J Skyraider 602nd Special Operations Sqn., 56th Special Operations Wing, Thailand 1969

Air Power

Modern Air Power

  • HA2801 – Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor 27th Squadron, Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, May 12, 2005

Modern Air Power

Ground Power

  • HG4202 – U.S. Jeep Willys M.B. w/armour shields WWII Europe, 1944
  • HG3907 – German Cargo Truck 8th Gebirgsjager Division, Bologna, Spring 1945

Ground Power


  • HL2005 – Douglas DC-4 QANTAS VH-EBL “Hong Kong Trader”
  • HL4001 – Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Pan American World Airways “N1022V”


Hobby Master

John Jenkins – May Releases

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

British Grenadiers

JJ Collectors Club – April Update – New Club Figure
Battle on Snowshoes

As the Monongahela Series is now back in production with the new 44th British Line Infantry sets, the next couple of Collectors’ Club Special sets will be for the Battle On Snowshoes Series.

The first set will be two French officers. Ensign Durantaye of the Companies Franches de La Marine, was the officer who led the advance party of 95 men, most of whom were Indians. They had set out approximately 15 minutes before Langy, and Richelieu who were with the main force of 200 French marines and Canadian Militia.

  • JJCLUB-SET#4 — Battle On Snowshoes 1758, 2 French Officers Ensign Durantaye, and Cadet Richelieu – Pre-order period ends June 1, 2010.

Please Note Pre-order period ends June 1, 2010.

Battle on Snowshoes

Collectors Club

New Releases for May 2010Battle on the Monongahela, 1755

The 1st Battalion the Essex Regiment, or 44th Regiment of Foot, was one of seven additional regiments of infantry ordered to be formed in 1740 to augment the Regular Army during the War of the Austrian Succession. This new unit then ranked as the 55th was raised by Col. James Long, of the 1st Foot Guards (Grenadier Guards).

Colonel James Long was later to be appointed to the 4th Marines and Lieut.-Colonel John Lee, from the 4th Foot, succeeded him as Colonel in 1748. Hence for a time the present 44th, then the 55th, was known as Lee’s Regiment.

After the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle the 43rd Regiment (American Provincial Corps) was disbanded and the ten Marine Regiments (44th to 53rd) ceased to be counted with those of the Line. The 55th were then re-numbered the 44th.

  • BM-021 — British Line Infantry, 44th Regiment of Foot, 2 Figures Loading. Limited Edition 375.

Battle on the Monongahela, 1755

Jacobite Rebellion, 1745

References to forms of bagpipes date right back to the Greeks 2500 years ago.

The first British reference is a Northumberland pipe around 1200, and it was around this time that the instrument became very popular right across Europe.

Most of these early bagpipes, including the Scottish ones were similar, and had two tenor drones. The skirl of the pipes with their high penetrating notes could be heard above the noise of battle, and it was said its sound could carry up to 6 miles. During the Jacobite rebellion of 1745, the Highland Army conscripted every piper they came across.

Even the Duke of Cumberland had pipers in his army at Culloden, though he seems to have been unclear what a bagpipe was, saying “What are these men going to do with such bundles of sticks? I can supply them with better implements of war.”

  • JR-012 — Highlander Piper – Limited Edition 600
  • BJ-006 — BRITISH 4th Regiment of Foot,(BARRELL’S)Grenadiers #2. Limited Edition 750

Jacobite Rebellion

Battle of Chippewa

At the height of the War of 1812, the three regular army foot artillery regiments were consolidated into a single Corps of Artillery. This change eliminated the inequalities that had existed between the three regiments. The first regiment was considered a part of the permanent peace establishment. The other two regiments belonged to the “additional military force” created by Congress in 1812. Officers could be promoted only within their respective regiments, and the new consolidation was to aid the morale and the tactical employment of the artillery as a whole.

By 1814 the differences between the uniforms of the three regiments had also been eliminated. All the units of the Corps of Artillery now had the plain dress established by the regulations of May 1st, 1813.

  • USCHART-001 — US Corps of Artillery, 3 Crew Loading. Not Limited Edition. This set does not include the gun. There will be extra sets that can be added to this first set, including figures firing and moving the guns.
  • USCHGUN-001 — 8lb US Cannon. Not Limited Edition.
  • BCH-003 — 1st Regiment of Foot (Royal Scots, Line Infantry Firing, Bare Headed. Limited Edition 500. BCH-003 will be the final regular line infantry set for the 1st Royal Scots Regiment.

Battle of Chippewa

King & Country May Releases!

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Tiger 1

For May 2010 release

  • Napoleonic – British Royal Horse Artillery
  • WWI – Johnny Turk! – First at Gallipoli then in Palestine and elsewhere in the region, “Johnny Turk” was a formidable adversary. These new Turkish infantry in action are a “companion-release” to the first Australian Light Horse. More are in the pipeline, including artillery and historic personalities.
  • WWII – D. DAY MINUS ONE – The day before the “day of days”. All over Southern England at docksides, on airfields, in hundreds of Army camps the soldiers, sailors and airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force wait for the order. “Let’s Go!”
  • WWII – German Opposition – Including the latest version of the “Tiger 1” in the markings of the 2nd. SS Division “Das Reich” as it appeared during the epic battle of KURSK in 1943
  • Street of Old Hong Kong – A supberb new building.

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