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King & Country – USAAF – In Stock Now!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

  • WWII – American Airforce Europe — Nine sets of figures and individuals plus an iconic U.S. fighter plane. The P.51B “Mustang” only 500 are planned for production do not miss out.

King and Country What’s New

Honour Bound – New February Release

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Here is the latest WWII set, one of the best that they have ever released. To pair this set they will be releasing a German Mine Detector group. I will have the picture later this month.

  • HB047 – German and British troops fighting, Africa, WWII

Honour Bound

John Jenkins – New February Releases

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Club Set #3

  • JJCLUB-SET#3 — Lt. William Dunbar – Battle On The Monongahela 1755

Probably the most requested figure by collectors of the Monongahela series is an officer to command the Grenadiers.

“William Dunbar was a Lieutenant in the 44th Regiment of foot in 1755. He was apparently serving with the grenadier company and fought in the advance party at the Battle on the Monongahela. He was later employed in delivering provisions to the garrison at Fort Oswego in March 1756”

Extract taken from “The Orderly Books Of Major General Edward Braddock” The basic unit of organization in the British regiment was the company. The normal strength of this company would be 40-60 men plus the officers. Typical organization would be:1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 1 Ensign, 2 Sergeants, 3 Corporals, 1-4 Musicians (drummers, fifers or pipers) and 30-60 privates.

This is a prototype shots only

Special Club Sets can only be pre-ordered by Club Members only.  Not a Club Member Join Now!

Preorders will finish on March 1st, 2010. After this period this set will no longer be available.

Collectors Club

Raid on St. Francis

Each set contains 2 different Stockade sections.

To create a full Woodland Indian Stockade, with a diameter of 26 Inches, 6 sets of WISTOCK-01 will be needed.

Model Dimensions 7″x 1 1/8″x 7 1/2″

An Entrance set, and Watchtower will follow in a few months time.

Raid on St Francis

Battle on Snowshoes

Jean-Baptiste Levreault de Langis de Montegron ( Langy) was known as Montcalm’s favourite scout. On November 2, 1757, Montcalm wrote to Governor Vaudreuil in praise of Langy, “Sieur Langis de Montegron has never ceased being used for the most interesting of scoutings, also the most laborious, and who has always distinguished himself.”

Especially after the famous Battle on Snowshoes, Langy appeared to become the nemesis of Roger’s Rangers, constantly a thorn in their side. He has been praised as “the most famous of the French Canadian partisans,” “the Ranger’s most daring rival,” and the “Ranger’s most daring adversary.”

The last mention of Langy is in Pierre Pouchot’s journal, “Memoirs on the Late War in North America Between France and England”‘”This officer, the best leader of raids among the colonial troops, was unfortunately drowned while trying to cross a river in a canoe with two of his men”.

Battle on Snowshoes

Jacobite Rebellion, 1745

  • JR-016 — Highlander with 2 handed Sword and Grenadier – Combat Set #3

The two-handed sword, or CLAIDHEAM-MOHR (big sword) was the original Claymore, and was most common in the 16th and 17th centuries. As elsewhere in Europe, the two-handed sword was essentially a specialist weapon, mainly used by the gentry or bodyguards .Is blows were deadly. At the Battle of Killicrankie in 1689, these weapons were mainly responsible for the defeat of a small government army. The battlefield was covered with severed heads and limbs. It was reported that there were bodies cut in half at the waist or even split from the head downwards.

This set includes the first of 6 grenadier figures for the 4th Regiment of Foot.

Jacobite Rebellion

Battle of Chippewa

  • BCH-014 — 1st Regiment of Foot (Royal Scots) Wounded Line Infantry

Battle of Chippewa

Gordon at Khartoum

Flags in the Mahdiyya served 3 main purposes. They were symbols of rank, and in the early days of the revolt the Mahdi conferred flags on those who were his leading Emirs and supporters. The word flag “Rayya” also came to mean a division or a body of troops under a commander.The Flags were also instruments of propaganda. Almost all flags carried the proclamation that the Mahdi was the successor to Muhammad.

The standard inscription which was mainly on one side of the flag, was as follows
“O God, O Merciful One, O Compassionate One”
“O Living One, O Subsisting One, O Lord of Majesty and Honour”
“There is no god but God. Muhammad is the Apostle of God”
“Muhammad al-Mahdi is the Successor of the Apostle of God”

Gordon at Khartoum

Collectors Showcase – New February Releases

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

CS00382 -- M8 Stuart 75mm Howitzer - Winter

Collectors Showcase have announced the following new releases for February. The new releases include Napoleonic French Artillery, American Civil War and WWII. They all look outstanding especially the French Artillery and the new winter Stuart.

American Civil War

Mosby Rangers

Napoleonic – French Imperial Guard Artillery

  • CS00389 — French Guard Cannon
  • CS00390 — French Guard Destroyed Cannon
  • CS00391 — French Guard Cannon Movers 2 figs
  • CS00392 — French Guard Cannon Ramrod/Loader 2 figs
  • CS00393 — French Guard Dead / Wounded 2 figs
  • CS00394 — French Guard Commander 1 fig
  • CS00395 — French Guard Igniter / Sponger 2 figs
  • CS00396 — French Guard/Ready Ammunition 1 fig
  • French Guard — Complete set with additions.

French Imperial Guard Artillery

WWII – American

  • CS00382 – M8 Stuart Howitzer Winter
  • CS00383 — M8 Stuart Howitzer Normandy

American Collection

Collectors Showcase

Airfix – New 1/32 Plastic Figures

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

A02702 -- German Infantry figures

Airfix have announced the following new releases for late January. These are made in high quality plastic, unpainted and in 1:32 scale. Each box contains 14 figures, no assembly required and they are supberb and excellent value for the money.

  • A02702 — German Infantry figures
  • A02703 — U.S. Infantry figures
  • A02705 — British Commandos figures
  • A02711 — U.S. Paratroops figures
  • A02712  — German Paratroops figures
  • A02718 — British Infantry figures

WWII Plastic Figures


Britains New January Arrivals

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

BR10017 -- Continental Marine - 1779-1783

The Hunt

  • BR49505 — The Hunt Set – 11 Piece Set (Limited to 600 Sets)

The Hunt

American Revolution

  • BR18021 — British Royal Irish Center Co. Marching #1
  • BR18023 — British Royal Irish Center Co. Kneeling At-Ready #1
  • BR18024 — British Royal Irish Center Co. Standing Reaching for Cartridge #1

American Revolution

American Civil War

  • BR31048 — Union Infantry Charging #2
  • BR31049 – Union Infantry Charging #3

American Civil War


  • BR36024 — British 42nd (Black Watch) Highlander Officer #1
  • BR36033 — British 42nd (Black Watch) Highlander NCO #1
  • BR36034 – British 42nd (Black Watch) Highlander Piper #1
  • BR36036 – British 42nd (Black Watch) Highlander Casualty #1


Classic Collection — French & Indian Wars

  • BR47012 — British Drummer – 15th Regiment of Foot – 1754-1763
  • BR47013 — Provincial Officer – 60th (Royal American) Regiment of Foot – 1754-1763

French & Indian Wars

Classic Collection — Redcoats

  • BR44014 – Ensign – 93rd (Sutherland) Highlanders King’s Colour – 1854
  • BR44025 — Drummer – 29th Regiment of Foot – 1768
  • BR44029 — Private – 24th Foot Marching – 1879


USMC – Musuem Collection

  • BR10017 — Continental Marine – 1779-1783
  • BR10018 — U.S. Marine – War of 1812 – Barbary Pirates – 1811-1818

Musuem Collection

Zulu Collection

  • BR20041 — British 24th Foot Kneeling Loading #1


WWII – Osprey Collection

  • BR25009 – U.S. 101st Airborne – Glider Infantry Regiment – Standing Firing #1


Elite Collection

  • BR24000 — British Royal Marine Commando – Falklands – 1982


King & Country Luftwaffe Now In Stock!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

LW009 -- Marching Officer with Flag

German Luftwaffe on Parade!

A small selection of Luftwaffe figures in dress uniform plus a famous Luftwaffe ace!

  • LW008 — “Officer with Sword”
  • LW009 — “Marching Officer w/ Flag”
  • LW010 — “Marching Airman w/ Rifle”
  • LW011 — “Standing Airman presenting arms”
  • LW012 — “Standing Officer Saluting”
  • LW013 — “Standing Airman w/ Rifle”
  • LW014 — “Walking Officer”
  • LW015 — “Standing at Attention”
  • LW016 — “Luftwaffe General Erhard Milch” Originally a friend of Herman Goering, Milch owed a lot to the Reichsmarschall. He was thought to be half-Jewish yet still achieved high rank in the Luftwaffe. Eventually he fell out of favour but still managed to survive both the war and a brief spell as a jailed war criminal. He died in 1972.
  • LW017 — “Major Gunther Rall” Gunther Rall (1918-2009) was the third most successful fighter ace in history with 275 victories (241 on the Eastern Front).
    He flew over 600 combat missions, was shot down 8 times and wounded 3. He claimed all of his victories in the Me.109. After the war he rejoined the “new”
    Luftwaffe in 1955 rising to the rank of Generalleutnant before retiring. In 2004 he wrote his memoirs and died, aged 91 earlier in 2009.

German Luftwaffe

King & Country – New Releases February 2010

Monday, January 4th, 2010

KM010 -- Kriegsmarine, SEEHUND

King & Country What’s New!

Figarti – New Releases March 2010

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

ETA-012 -- US M16 halftrack

  • 8TH-004 — British 8th Army Infantry – Camerons Advance – 4 figures
  • 8TH-007 — British 8th Army Desert Casualties – 2 figures
  • 8TH-008 — British Bofors AA gun w/8th Army Crew
  • ETA-012 — US M16 halftrack
  • ETA-023 — US Infantry Advancing over ditch Set A- 2 figures
  • ETA-024 — US Infantry Advancing over ditch Set B- 2 figures
  • ETA-025 — US Sherman Tank Winter Version with Dozer