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King & Country – Battle of the Bulge In Stock Now!

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

  • BBA030 — “M3A2 Half-Track” K&C’s first all-new U.S. Half-Track for a few years and one of the most often requested. This classic armoured troop transport served U.S. Forces and their Allies loyally throughout the War and even into the late 1970’s (with the Israeli Army). Our GI version comes complete with a driver and a standing .50 calibre machine gunner and his crew-served weapon. This winter-version also has a detachable canvass cover for the troop compartment. A towing hook at the rear of his vehicle is also suitable for pulling.
  • BBA031 — “The 105mm Field Gun Set” A superb model of the most famous field piece of the U.S. Army in WW2. Our “105” has rolling wheels, moveable trail arms plus 3 gunners to fire the artillery piece. The barrel is in a fixed position for firing and transporting.
  • BBA032 — “Artillery Add-On Set” 2 additional Artillerymen are also available to crew-serve this great field piece. In addition we also supply extra ammo boxes and a pile of shell tubes (used for carrying the rounds).
  • BBA033 — “U.S. Artilleryman” A lone “Gunner”, rifle slung “humps” three more tubes of rounds forward to the guns.
  • BBA034 — “Kneeling with Field Telephone” A kneeling corporal listens for a “fire order” and grid coordinates for his buddies about to shell an enemy location.
  • BBA035 — “Winter Motorcycle MP” A long overdue addition to our U.S. Forces and our first new MP on a motorcycle for many years. This MP is on the road, somewhere in Belgium or Luxembourg giving out directions (as MP’s like to do). He’s well-wrapped against the winter weather as well!
  • BBA036 — “Half-Track Passengers” A really great little 3-man grouping… Two sitting GI’s and their Nazi Prisoner. These guys can be seated in a variety of ways inside our new Half-Track or posed outside in a display or diorama, very useful!

Battle of the Bulge

Figarti – New Arrivals

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

The following new releases are in stock now. As usual production is limited to only 100. Unfortunately the RMG-008 — 251 Ground Stuka is sold out

  • ETA-001— U.S. M3A1 Halftrack
  • ETA-009 — Clear the Obstacles
  • ETA-010 — Demolition Engineers
  • ETA-011 — Bring In the Next Ship
  • ETA-020— Bofors Protecting the Red Ball Express
  • ETA-021 — Fighting Sons of Beaches
  • RMA-007 — Go for Broke
  • RMG-008 — 251 Ground Stuka


Figarti – New December Releases.

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Figarti have announced the following new limited edition releases, expected some time in December. As usual production is limited to only 100.


Build-a-Rama — New Terrain Mats

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Just Announced for December Release

This product is very versatile. Each piece can be added to one another seamlessly to create as large of a diorama as desired. For example the life-like grass mat can be cut to any shape simply with a pair of scissors. The height of the grass can also be trimmed to the desired length. Each mat has been designed to be used with any of our other diorama products and also works great as a stand alone diorama base.

Can easily be cut and shaped using scissors or a model knife. This can be glued down to a base board to create a permanent display, or simply placed on a shelf for an instant effect.

  • Brama204 — Airstrip Shelf Mat (24 x12)
  • Brama205 — War-Torn Battlefield Shelf Mat (24 x 12)
  • Brama206 — War-Torn Battlefield #2 Shelf Mat (24 x 12)
  • Brama207 — Camp Clearing Shelf Mat – (24 x 12)
  • Brama208 — Airstrip #1 Tabletop Mat (24 x 30)
  • Brama209 — War-Torn Battlefield #1 Tabletop Mat – (24 x 30)
  • Brama210— Med Green with Straight Road Tabletop Mat (24 x 30)

Build-a-Rama Terrain Mats


King & Country – Desert Village

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

In stock now we have the final 2 buildings for this new series. They are superb.

  • SP033 — “The Stables” A very versatile (like all the other DV structures) that can be utilized in a wide variety of settings and historical periods.
  • SP034 — “The Watch Tower” A key feature of any small village or town in the Middle and Near East was the Watchtower. From this high vantage point any strangers could be seen as they approached the village and if necessary alarms could be sounded. Watchtowers were often used a temporary store houses for grain or occasionally as the local jail for wrong-doers and trouble makers! The K&C tower comes in two separate pieces which easily combine to make a tall and imposing structure.

Desert Village

Hobby Master – New Releases February 2010

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Propeller Power Collection

  • HA1112 — Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat VF-12, USS Randolph, Lt. H. McWhorter III 1945
  • HA7404 — FW 190 A-8/R2 11.Staffel, (Sturm) IV/JG.3 Unteroffizier Willi Maximowitz, Dreux, France 1944

Propeller Power Collection

Jet Power Collection

  • HA1311 — A-10A Thunderbolt II 75th Fighter Squadron, Operation Iraqi Freedom, 7 April 2003 “Killer Chick”
  • HA1916 — McDonnell-Douglas F- 4EJ Phantom II JASDF, 7th Air Wing, 301st Sqn., Hyakuri A.B., Jan 1984 “MIG SILHOUETTE”
  • HA1013 — F-104G Starfighter “104-01″of Escadron 104, Ala 6/16, Ejercito del Aire (Spanish Air Force), Torrejon 1965-72
  • HA2505 — Republic Thunderchief F-105D-25-RE “61-0183” 6441 TFW, Takhli RTAFB, 1965 “Operation Look Alike”

Jet Power Collection

Airline Collection

  • HL2004 — Douglas DC-4 Swiss Air Lines “HB-ILO”
  • HL1006 — American Air Lines Lockheed L-188A Electra, N6129A
  • HL3001 — Vickers Viscount 802 – BEA “G-AOJB”

Airline Collection

Ground Power Collection

  • HG3806 — M8 Light Armored Car French Army, Germany 1944
  • HG3808 — M8 Light Armored Car First Brazilian Expeditionary Force, Italy 1944

Ground Power Collection

Hobby Master

John Jenkins December Releases

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Gordon at Khartoum – New Series

This introductory vignette based on the painting by George William Joy, an Irish painter born in 1844. He was probably best known for his painting of the death of General Charles Gordon, a British national hero and icon, who died defending Khartoum against the Mahdi. (painted in 1885 and currently on display in the Leeds City Art Gallery).

  • SUD-001 — GORDON AT KHARTOUM – 4 figures and Staircase. – Limited Edition 600

This will be the first part of a 4 part release.
The complete four parts will cost approximately us$350. The Stairs will be a Numbered Edition and the accompanying set will also have a certificate with the same Numbered Edition enclosed. Only SUD-01 will be a Limited Edition.

Gordon at Khartoum

Jacobite Rebellion 1745

This set presents the final two figures based on the famous David Morier painting “An Incident in the Rebellion of 1745”.

Barrells’ Regiment was to lose up to 6 officers. Accounts describe the fate of one particular officer Lord Robert Kerr. “Who not observing his men’s giving back, remained a few yards forward alone. He had struck his pike into the body of a highland officer; but before he could disengage himself, was surrounded, and cut to pieces.”

This will also be the first of 5 hand to hand sets to be released over the next 6 months.

  • JR-014 — British Officer and Wounded Highlander – Limited Edition 350

Jacobite Rebellion

Battle of the Plains of Abraham

  • QB-026 — The 28th Regiment of Foot, Officer and Drummer. – Limited Edition 750

Battle of the Plains of Abraham

Raid on St Francis

The capture of prisoners during a patrol was an important method of gathering information and intelligence.

Although the fate of those taken prisoner on both sides was often fatal. Prisoners taken by Rangers could suffer immediate execution if the Rangers found themselves ambushed . When a hidden enemy party opened fire on Rogers’ column on 21st July 1757, the wounded private Thomas Brown,”retir’d into the rear, to the prisoner I had taken on the lake, knock’d him on the head and killed him, lest he should escape and give information to the enemy.”

By 1760 Rogers had also employed the “Stockbridge Indians” as trusted scouts. These Indians came from the area around Stockbridge, Massachusetts. “To aid the identification of non-hostile Indians, friendly Indians were to tie a red garter or cloth around the end of their musket barrels”

  • RRB-003
    — The Prisoner – Limited Edition 500

Raid on St Francis

John Jenkins Collectors Club Set #2

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

John has announced his latest Collectors Club Set

The Oneida Chief SCAROUYADY, sometimes called MONACATOOTHA, as early as the 1740’s acted with the Seneca Chief TANAGHEISSON (Half King) as a representative of the Iroquois Confederacy among the Delaware, Shawnee, and other native peoples living near the forks of the Ohio river.

Chief Scarouyady was one of a handful of Indians who accompanied the Braddock expedition against Fort Duquesne in 1755.

His son was killed in a friendly fire incident with British soldiers several days before the Battle On The Monongahela. Never the less he was one of 8 Indians who remained with Braddock as a scout. He was later noted to have said that he felt the General held them in contempt and failed to listen to their advice.

Some of the details of Scarouyady’s distinctive tattoos and war marks have been found in Captain Robert Orme’s notes and sketches.

JJCLUB-SET#2 — CHIEF SCAROUYADY – Battle On The Monongahela 1755

Please note this set is only available for Pre-Order until December 31st, 2009. The plan is that only the exact numbers of pre-order sets will be made. This set is only available to Club members and will only be available to those that have pre-ordered it.

For full details of the new Collectors Club, please visit our Collectors Club Page.

You are welcome to order online, or if it is easier just let us know and we will reserve a membership figure and / or a special set if you are interested. If you have already joined, thank you.

Collectors Club

Britains New Arrivals

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

The following new releases have just arrived and are in stock now!

    Deli Durbar

  • BR22000 – Jaipur Elephant with Standard Bearer
    American Civil War

  • BR31033 – Confederate Artillery Command Set #1
  • BR51004 – 18th-19th Century Farm House

  • BR36032 – French Light Infantry Voltigeur Charging with Axe #1
    Classic Redcoats

  • BR44024 — NCO – 29th Regiment of Foot – 1768
    Elite Forces

  • BR24002 – British SAS “Operation Nimrod” – Iranian Embassy – 1980

What’s New

Collectors Showcase In Stock Now!

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

In stock now the new series 8 arrivals later on this week. I understand that the Collectors Showcase German Panthers are already sold out, so we have very limited availability. He is planning on a restock in December or the Panther with Zimmerit. Only 120 more will be made, so please do not wait to long.  There is a possibility of more standard Panthers, but the production schedule has not been committed to.

We saw these new releases at the Chicago Show and we were very impressed.

Collectors Showcase