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JG Miniatures – New Terrain Mats

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

John is introducing a new set of terrain mats. These are tremendous and make for fantastic dioramas that are so easy to make. No longer do hours have to spent on ground work. Multiple mats can be joined together and glued to a base-board or just lay it down as is. It can also be cut to desired shape or size.

The new FM series all measure 29.25 inches by 12.75 inches. Can easily be cut and shaped using scissors or a model knife. This can be glued down to a base board to create a permanent display, or simply placed on a shelf for an instant effect.

For those that require a larger mat size, John is introducing the TM series. Each TM mat measures 30 inches by 13 inches. It has also all the same characteristics of the FM series.

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