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Build-a-Rama — New Terrain Mats

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Just Announced for December Release

This product is very versatile. Each piece can be added to one another seamlessly to create as large of a diorama as desired. For example the life-like grass mat can be cut to any shape simply with a pair of scissors. The height of the grass can also be trimmed to the desired length. Each mat has been designed to be used with any of our other diorama products and also works great as a stand alone diorama base.

Can easily be cut and shaped using scissors or a model knife. This can be glued down to a base board to create a permanent display, or simply placed on a shelf for an instant effect.

  • Brama204 — Airstrip Shelf Mat (24 x12)
  • Brama205 — War-Torn Battlefield Shelf Mat (24 x 12)
  • Brama206 — War-Torn Battlefield #2 Shelf Mat (24 x 12)
  • Brama207 — Camp Clearing Shelf Mat – (24 x 12)
  • Brama208 — Airstrip #1 Tabletop Mat (24 x 30)
  • Brama209 — War-Torn Battlefield #1 Tabletop Mat – (24 x 30)
  • Brama210— Med Green with Straight Road Tabletop Mat (24 x 30)

Build-a-Rama Terrain Mats