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John Jenkins Future Releases #4 - March 2021


This week we visit WWII and the Russian Front, with the introduction of the FW190. We should see this appearing in May 2021.

The images shown are Prototype images of the sculpted work, prior to master painting.

We hope you enjoy!

Mike & Myszka and all at the Sierra Toy Soldier Company

The FOCKE-WULF FW 190 is a German single seat, single engine fighter aircraft which was designed by Kurt Tank at Focke-Wulf in the late 1930's and widely used during the Second World War.

Along with its well known counterpart, the Messerschmitt BF 109, the FW190 became the backbone of the Jagdwaffe (fighter Force) of the Luftwaffe.

The FW190 A started flying operationally over France in August 1941 and quickly proved superior in all but turn radius to the Spitfire Mk. V. the main frontline fighter of the Royal Air Force, particularly at low and medium altitude.

The FW190 maintained superiority over allied fighters until the introduction of the improved Spitfire Mk. IX.

In November 1942.the FW190 made its air combat debut on the Eastern Front, finding much success in fighter wings and specialized ground attack units from October 1943.

The FW190 was well liked by its pilots. Some of the Luftwaffe's most successful fighter aces claimed many of their kills while flying this plane., including Otto Kittel, Walter Nowotny and Erich Rudorffer. The FW190 had greater firepower than the BF-109 and at low to medium altitude, superior maneuverability according to the opinion of German fighter pilots who flew both. It was regarded as one of the best fighter planes of the Second World War.

I have decided to continue to develop new projects for the Knights of the Skies series, as I enjoy the technical challenges that each new model offers, and I hope that there will be 3-4 new planes offered throughout 2021.

The first variant of the FW190, the A6 will be available in May 2021.