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First Legion Ancient Greece Collection

Scale 60mm / 1:30, made in Pewter.

Greek Hoplites - Updated May 30, 2020!

The initial launch covers Greek Hoplites, but the range will expand to Macedonian Phalanxes, Companion Cavalry, and enemies of Greece such as Darius and the mighty Persian Empire to name but a few.

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Alexander and Macedonian Companion cavalry - Updated March 18, 2020!

Alexander and Macedonian Companion cavalry as an addition to our World of the Greeks figure range. These 8 stunning figures set the stage for the heroic charge on Darius' center at the Battle of Gaugamela. The Companion Cavalry were the world's first heavy cavalry initially formed by King Philip II and made famous by Alexander the Great. The unit was made up of chosen Companions and Hetaroi and acted as Alexander's personal bodyguard.

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Macedonian Phalanx - Updated March 18, 2020!

Sets AG024-039 allow for the creation of a fully modular Phalanx, such as would have appeared under Alexander at the Battle of Guagamela. Designed with figures meant for the front, middle and rear ranks and armed with the 18+ foot long "Sarissa", the Macedonian Phalanx is a must have for any serious "Ancient Greece" figure collection!!!

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Persian Empire - Updated May 30, 2020!

First Legion is very pleased present the warriors the Persian Empire! Whether under the command of Xerxes or Darius serving in Greece or in what is now modern day Turkey against Alexander the Great, these wonderfully colorful and intricately detailed figures really capture in stunning miniature the military forces of the Persian Empire.

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