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Britains Connoisseur Collection

Britains Connoisseur Collection

This is the second much anticipated release in the new Connoisseur Collection series. Like the first piece it was sculpted by Alan Ball with the master painted by David Youngquist and it showcases the phenomenal detail these two masters are capable of in their sculpting and painting.

A French cuirassier was the most feared and potent cavalry on any Napoleonic battlefield. Napoleon employed this fine cavalry as his “shock and awe” troops. Imposing on their heavy mounts and encased in a cuirass, front and back, these troops were formidable.

Produced in the same size, style and finish as the first Connoisseur piece -French Officer, 4th Regiment of Hussars, this 12th Regiment of Cuirassiers Officer is also from the Battle of Friedland and is a great compliment to the first release.

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