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King and Country toy soldiers King and Country - Collection
Founded in 1984 in Hong Kong. King & Country has developed into one of the world's major designers and producers of all-metal, hand-painted 1:30 scale military, civilian toy soldiers and miniatures. In addition to their metal toy soldiers, and miniature figures, the company has also developed an amazing and expanding range of scale model buildings, fighting vehicles, and tanks, ships and aircraft, all made of polyresin.
King & Country Calendar
The new King and Country 2014 Calendar includes pictures of their most popular products and diorama displays from various series.
Ancient Egypt
In the time of the Pharaohs. Think of Ancient Egypt and we immediately conjure up images of Pharaohs, Pyramids, the Sphinx, fabled treasures of Tutankhamen and of the legendary beauty of Cleopatra.  A brand new and very exciting collection.
Ancient Greece
Depicting the dramatic events of the 4th and 5th centuries B.C. this new range of colorful warriors (and some backdrop accessories) will depict the mighty struggle between Greece and its foremost enemy… Persia.
Medieval Collection - Updated October 3, 2015!
Covering the period of the earlier crusades from 1096-1204. This effectively covers the first four Crusades up to and including the sacking of Constantinople.  This collection now includes both Crusaders and Saracens.
1776 American toy soldier 1776 American War of Independence - Updated October 3, 2015!
On the American side, the officers and men of the 1st New York Regt., the 3rd Pennsylvania Regt., the Continental Marines and the French joined forces to fight for Liberty from British Colonial rule. For the British, the officers and men of the 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers and 10th Royal Lincolnshire Regt. fought for King George III to quell the American rebel armies.
Life Of Jesus Collection Life of Jesus - Updated July 2, 2015
This new King & Country Collection, begins the story with “the Nativity” but that is only the beginning. They will continue the story of Jesus through his childhood into his manhood and the journey from Bethlehem to Nazareth and to Jerusalem. From a carpenter’s workshop to the cross on Calvary Hill.
English Civil War - Pike & Musket - Updated October 3, 2015!
The mighty struggle between King Charles I and his rebellious parliament. The war, actually a series of three wars, began in 1642 and ended in 1651. It was fought between the King and his supporters (“Cavaliers”) and Parliament, eventually led by Oliver Cromwell, and his side (“Roundheads”).
Napoleon. Napaleonic toy soldier collection Napoleonic - Updated October 3, 2015!
The Peninsular Campaign (1808-1813) was a long, grueling struggle for all the combatants. Britain, and France, and their allies fought a series of great battles that saw the devastation of war rage across Spain and Portugal.
Remember the Alamo - Updated October 3, 2015!
Based on the events surrounding the 13 days of siege from Feb. 23 to Mar. 6, 1836 and the famous battle on the morning of 6 March.
The Real West
This new series spotlight's the earlier struggle for the American West before the outbreak of the Civil War… This first small release is just a “taste” of what’s in store… with three mounted U.S. Dragoons confronting a five-man Comanche raiding party
Battle of Little Big Horn June 25/26, 1876.
The most famous engagement of those times was The Battle of the Little Bighorn which took place on June 25/26, 1876. This new series intends to paint a portrait in miniature of the bloody climax of those fateful days.
American Civil War American Civil War
Both Confederates and Union Figures now available. 
Sons of the Empire
This is the beginning of an occasional new series that will focus on the soldiers of the British Empire during its zenith between 1880 and the beginning of the Fist World War. It will portray Infantry, Cavalry and, occasionally, Artillery as they would have appeared on parade (and in the field) at that time.
The first small release shows three members of one of British India’s most famous cavalry regiment’s,  “Skinner’s Horse”
Crimean War 1854-1856
On the 14th September 1854, troops of a British Expeditionary Force, led by Lord FitzRoy Raglan, began to land on the shores of the Crimean peninsula at Calamita Bay, 32 miles north of their ultimate objective, the Russian naval port of Sevastopol. Ahead lay 18 months of unexpected misery for those lucky enough to survive. A short punitive campaign, culminating in swift seizure of Sevastopol, would prove just a pipedream.
Lawrence of Arabia
"Only two kinds of creature get fun in the desert Lawrence – Bedouins and Gods and you’re neither!" To complement our other WWI Middle Eastern series on the Australian Light Horse K&C is proud to present the first two very special figures.
World of Dickens - Updated September 1, 2015!
The first figures and buildings of this whole new version of an old favorite!
World War I - Updated October 3, 2015!
New series based on the early days of World War I.  Here we start on the Germans March to Paris.
Added March 2009, we move to 1917 and the arrival of tanks on the battlefield.
German soldier. WWII toy soldiers collection World War II - Updated October 3, 2015!
Between 1939 and 1945 either alone or together, forces from all over the world battled against the evils of Nazism and Imperialism.
World War II Pacific - Tora!Tora!Tora!
Japanese Navy December 7, 1941!.
Sherman Tank KnC Plastic and Metal
KnC is an integral part of King & Country and has been set up to provide 1:30 scale figures and vehicles that can complement and supplement our existing all-metal and mixed media soldiers and fighting vehicles.
British Ceremonial Ceremonial
New series featuring Ceremonial Guards. Plus a Royal Salute to the Royal Wedding.
Imperial family. Imperial collection Orient - Updated October 3, 2015!
The sumptuously embroidered costumes, both military and civilian, make this a fascinating and beautiful range to collect.
Australian Light Horse - Updated September 1, 2015!
Australian Light Horse were mounted troops with characteristics of both cavalry and mounted infantry. They served during the Second Boer War and World War I. The Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade at the Battle of Beersheba in 1917 made what is the most well known successful cavalry charge in the Great War.
China Marines
Shanghai 1926.
China Marines are United States Marines from the 4th Marine Regiment who were stationed in Shanghai, China during 1927 - 1941. To protect American citizens during the Chinese Revolution and the Second Sino-Japanese War. This first release shows Marines in action as they would have appeared in China during the tumultuous times prior to the Second World War.
United States Navy
Storm over the Yangtze.
This first release shows officers and sailors in action as they would have appeared in China during the tumultuous times prior to the Second World War. In this new series portrays many of the same authentic historical and dramatic events as the epic 1967 movie “The Sand Pebbles” starring Hollywood icon Steve McQueen.
Desert Village
A superb range of buildings and other accessories designed to enhance any display.
Diorama and Scenic Building Collection - Updated October 3, 2015!
A superb range of buildings and other accessories designed to enhance any display.
Nouveau Normandy Village
This release of a whole "Nouveau Normandy Village" has been resculpted and enlarged to a more realistic 1:30 scale and size. Cast in polystone each fully 3-dimensional building comes fully painted and ready for display.
Christmas - Limited Edition
Christmas Releases Including Red Cross Santa and Merry Christmas Tommy from WWI
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