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   Started in 1983 and based in Hong Kong. It was founded and is run today by two English professional architectural model makers, and is well known world wide as a producer of first class toy figures of the highest quality and detail. FRONTLINE FIGURES is the result of an intense interest by the two partners, Gerard Prime and Howard Swales in all things connected with the historic influences, and design of military uniforms, insignia, vehicles and equipment. All FRONTLINE FIGURES are 1:32 /54mm scale.
Seven Years War - Updated December 23, 2011!
The Seven Years from North America to Europe.  To the grand conflict between Frederick the Great of Prussia and Maria Theresa of Austria and their might armies. Many consider this the First World War. The scale is 58 - 60mm.
French and Indian Wars
Just released the latest new additions to this wonderful series.  The scale is 58 - 60mm and they work wonderfully with King and Countries American Revolution and woodland Indian series.
American Civil War - Updated May 30, 2012!
Napoleonic Wars - (1804 - 1815)
Normandy Village - New
A new complete French village part of the scenic collection.
Zulu Wars Collection
Based on the events surrounding the battle for Rorke's Drift, Zulu land,
22-23 January 1879
Scenics feature replicas of significant landmarks, as well as props, that will enhance the authenticity of your battle dioramas. Ideal for use in American Revolution, Civil War, French and Indian Wars, Napoleonic, RAF WWII etc.

World War One - The Great War.
A new series includes very unique German Cavalry, Artillery and a special limited edition British set.
Crusader Knights
A range of Medieval Crusader Knights that we originally produced for Spanish publishing house Altaya.  In Europe they are normally attached to a magazine and cannot be purchased individually.
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