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Forward March

   In 1980 Prescott’s Military Miniatures was founded by the Walker family. Using modern rubber molds made in Germany and Ireland, thousands of raw castings were made and sold at craft shows around the Detroit area. Customers loved the fact that they could watch “their” soldier being poured right in front of them – with the molten metal running into the mold and sixty seconds later out popped a fully formed toy soldier! As the business grew painted figures began to be offered and sold for considerably more than the raw castings. Colonel William Prescott, an ancestor, was the one who said “Don’t fire ‘til you see the whites of their eyes” at Bunker Hill. All Prescott’s painted figures had the whites of the eyes painted in.
  After twenty years in business, Prescott’s Military Miniatures launched Forward March in 2000 with the goal of producing high quality, connoisseur class figures sculpted by some of the finest sculptors in the hobby with the master figures painted by owner, Richard Walker. In keeping with the Prescott’s commitment to quality every figure was thoroughly researched so the sculpting and painting was as historically accurate as possible.  And true to their roots, you can still see the whites of their eyes in every figure.
  The figures are spin-cast metal, 1:32 scale (54mm) and painted with just enough shading and highlighting to give them a military miniature feel, while still retaining their toy soldier roots.
Agincourt -  October 25, 1415 - Updated 25, June 2011!
  A highly detailed collection of medieval figures that captures the essence of warfare in the 15th century. From the Royals - King Henry V to the commoners - English Longbowmen, these figures are sculpted with an eye toward historical accuracy and compatibility with other 54mm/1:32 scale figures. The sets include a short history of the battle and description of the individual figures.

For a synopsis of the Battle of Agincourt, please click here!

American Civil War - First Manassas, July 21, 1861 - Updated 25, June 2011!
The legendary commanders and regiments of the American Civil War at the First Battle of Manassas - before they became famous. From the just-promoted Confederate Brigadier General Jackson, still in his blue Union uniform with Colonel's rank, to the then unknown Colonel William Tecumseh Sherman of the 3rd Brigade - 1st Division, the likenesses of these men are captured in detail with the greatest attention to authenticity and historical accuracy.  Each set includes a short history of the battle and more detailed information of the regiments and commanders.
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