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New King & Country March Releases

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

“Aayo Gurkhali!” (The Gurkha Battlecry)

FOR MORE THAN 200 years, The Gurkha’s, the fighting men from the hills of Nepal, have been loyal and brave soldiers of the British Army.

Originally recruited by the British East India Company in 1815 they were first incorporated into the Indian Army in 1857 after The Great Mutiny.

By the outbreak of WW2 in September 1939, 10 regiments had been formed, each of 2 x battalions. Following the evacuation of Dunkirk and the Fall of France in June 1940 another 15 x battalions were raised and, by the end of the war a total of 43 were in action.


After India gained its independence in 1947 the original 10 Gurkha Regiments were divided between India and Great Britain with the former retaining 6 and the latter 4.

MALAYA 1941 / 42

During the Japanese attack on Malaya and Singapore in 1941 and into 1942, several Gurkha battalions fought stubbornly and bravely in that ill-fated campaign … and suffered accordingly.

After the defeat in Malaya and the fall of Singapore many Indian troops were coopted into the pro Japanese ‘Indian National Army’ … Not one Gurkha however joined them … all remained loyal to their own regiments and the British Crown.


King & Country’s newest battlefield figures show a Gurkha patrol taking on the Japanese somewhere on the Malayan peninsula.

6 x Individual fighting Gurkha’s, led by their British officer are available as is one 2-man set where a Gurkha rifleman is about to decapitate a Japanese soldier using his famous “Kukri” knife!

These new additions to the series depicting the war in South East Asia provide even more variety and excitement to an area seldom covered in the world of toy soldiers and military miniatures.

  • FoB144 British / Gurkha Officer firing Tommy Gun – Up until today the majority of Officers in Gurkha Regiments have always been British. Among the most famous officers who served as a Gurkha was Field Marshal Sir William ‘Bill” Slim, who commanded the British 14th Army in Burma during the later part of WW2. Our officer takes careful aim with his Thompson submachine gun.
  • FoB145 Gurkha Standing Firing Rifle – Marksmanship is highly-prized in Gurkha Regiments and Gurkha’s have always been among the very best ‘shots’ in the British Army.
  • FoB146 Gurkha Attacking with Kukri – Having unsheathed his famous fighting knife this Gurkha has to ‘draw blood’ from his enemy … usually fatally!
  • FoB147 Gurkha Kneeling Firing Rifle – This Gurkha adopts the second-most popular firing position.
  • FoB148 Gurkha Lying Prone firing Rifle – The number-one most popular shooting position.
  • FoB149 Gurkha firing Bren Gun – Although not the easiest position to fire the Bren from … Firing from the hip, in an emergency, still results in enemy casualties!>
  • FoB150 Gurkha Killing Japanese – On a man-for-man basis the little Gurkha is more than a match for any ‘Son of Nippon’. Although the Japanese like using their bayonets they were not-so-fond of being on the receiving end of a Gurkha armed with a Kukri.



  • RH029 The High Sheriff of Nottingham – One of Robin Hood’s most implacable foes and a dangerous man to have as an enemy!
    In movies he has been best portrayed by the late Alan Rickman in “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves” and also Aussie actor, Peter Finch in “The Story of Robin Hood & His Merrie Men”. And now, here’s our interpretation … suave, sophisticated and … decidedly dangerous!
  • RH030 The Bishop of Nottingham – Next to the Sheriff, the second most powerful man in Nottingham and the surrounding shire. Also perhaps, the richest and best fed.
    Here, our portly and prosperous churchman gives up a small portion of his wealth as Robin & His Merrie Men invite him to be a ‘guest’ at one of their forest feasts.

Robin Hood


After the D.DAY invasion as Allied troops fought their way off the beaches and into the Norman countryside it was more essential than ever to have good reconnaissance ahead of your advancing forces to help seek out the enemy, their strength and their position.

Specialized recon and scouting units used their own kinds of vehicles to help perform this vital task.

One of the best vehicles used in this role was the Daimler Armoured Car …

This was one of the most successful British military designs of WW2. Conceived in parallel development to the Daimler “Dingo”Scout Car this heavier armoured car mounted a 2 pdr. Quick Firing cannon alongside a coaxial Besa 7.92 machine gun in the turret.

Occasionally a Bren Gun might also be added atop the turret for anti- aircraft defense.

After the success of our “Desert” version K&C decided to produce a second one for Northwest Europe. Produced in typical British olive drab this new version is in the markings of 44 Brigade belonging to XXX Corps which fought all the way from Normandy through France, into Holland and finally all the way up to Northern Germany by war’s end.

Our K& C model comes with an NCO vehicle commander belonging to the famous 11TH Hussars.

D-Day ’44 – British and Canadian


As many collectors know our K& C series based on the exploits of the Australian Light Horse has been very popular not just in Australia … but all over the world. Fighting alongside the Australians in Palestine, Gallipoli, Egypt and the Western Front were their Antipodean ‘cousins’… The New Zealanders.

Although then as now New Zealand is a relatively small country (in terms of population) it has provided many thousands of fine fighting men in both world wars and other conflicts.

In 1914 it offered its best volunteers to help support the “Mother Country” in its war against Germany. Among those soldiers were the men of their own “Mounted Rifle Regiments” who performed in the same military role as Australia’s Light Horse units.

After arriving in Egypt in 1915 they helped form the very first joint ANZAC * mounted division.

*Australian New Zealand Army Corps

Over the years since we introduced our Light Horse figures we have been requested to design and release some of their Kiwi cousins … and this is them.

  • AL072 Dismounted Rifleman – In appearance the uniform of the NZ Mounted Rifles volunteers was not dissimilar to the Australian Light Horse. Both wore a slouch hat although the ‘Kiwi’ trooper does not have an emu feather in his hat band but instead has the Khaki pugree (hatband) with a forest green stripe in the centre.

    In addition the New Zealanders wore cloth puttees instead of the Aussies leather leggings.
    Our figure is also in ‘shirtsleeve’ order wearing the army blue / grey collarless shirt together with braces and belt holding up his khaki trousers. Across his chest he wears the mounted troops ammunition bandoleer. His rifle is the standard SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) .303 rifle.

  • AL073 Kiwi Flagbearer – This mounted rifleman carries the National Flag.
  • AL074 Mounted Kiwi Charging w/Rifle – Galloping forward into the charge this soldier has already fixed his bayonet to his rifle.
  • AL075 Mounted Kiwi Charging w/Rifle #2 – A second “Galloper,” rifle and bayonet pointing towards the enemy.
  • AL080 Turkish Officer w/ Pistol & Binos – Looking out for the advancing ANZACS this officer stands ready with his German Naval Luger by his side.
  • AL081 Turkish NCO Aiming Rifle – Wearing a colourful red fez this Turkish non-commissioned officer takes careful aim.
  • AL082 Kneeling Firing Johnny Turk – A kneeling Turkish Soldier with rifle and bayonet fixed.
  • AL083 Turkish Machine Gunner – Sitting behind his Maxim machine gun this soldier opens fire on the enemy.
  • AL084 Turkish Soldier Kneeling Reloading – This kneeling ‘Johnny Turk’ is working the bolt of his rifle … extracting an empty cartridge … chambering a fresh round.
  • AL085 Turkish Soldier Standing Firing – You can never have too many soldiers in your “firing line”
  • AL086 Mounted Officer w /Pistol – Service revolver thrust forward this officer leads his men in the charge.
    *To be released in April. All other New Zealand Mounted Rifles figures available in Mid March.

Middle East


On 30 January 1933, Adolf Hitler formally became Chancellor of Germany. Who could or would have predicted the next 12 years … ?

Here, two old soldiers meet for the last time … One, Generalfeldmarschall Paul von Hindenburg hands over the reins of power to a lowly former corporal … Adolf Hitler … soon to be Führer of all Germany!

  • LAH210 Taking Power – A seemingly humble ex-corporal silently shakes hands with an old general. The General maybe old but he is not senile … he detests and despises the little Austrian corporal … For the moment though the former corporal will play his part and gracefully accept the Chancellorship … but only for the moment.
  • LAH212 Like Father … Like Son – Dressed in their brown shirt uniforms this father and his small son “Sieg Heil” the new Chancellor … and Fuhrer.

Berlin’38 Leibstandarte


From the moment “Operation Barbarossa” began it was clear that it would be a war and a campaign fought with ever-increasing barbarity on both sides.

The campaign was driven by the Nazis ideological desire to conquer the Western Soviet Union, drive out the existing population and repopulate it with ethnic Germans. Any remaining locals would be used as ‘slave labour’ and totally expendable. Whether you were you were fighting the invading Germans or trying to live under the occupiers your life was totally at the mercy of these members of the master race …

  • WS330 Do you know this man? – Behind the lines a member of SD (Sicherheitsdienst / Security Service) unit questions a Russian peasant about a portrait of Lenin that has been found during a routine search of the man’s cottage.
  • WS331 The Threat! – Another SD officer points his pistol menacingly at the unfortunate peasant …

Russian Front and Berlin 1945

By January 1945 Russian troops had crossed the River Oder and were just 100 miles from the centre of Berlin! After years of brutal warfare between both sides in Russia itself it was now time for the Soviets to inflict their own brand of death and destruction upon the Reich itself.

  • RA075 The Josef Stalin Tank – The JS-2 was a Soviet designed and built heavy tank with thick armour to counter the deadly effectiveness of the legendary 88mm gun.

    The JS-2’s own 122mm gun was also powerful enough to knock out both the Tiger and Panther tanks of the Germans. It was also a ‘breakthrough’ tank capable of firing a high explosive shell that could easily penetrate and knock-out entrenchments and concrete and steel enforced bunkers.

    The JS-2 first went into service in April 1944 and was used as the armoured spearhead of the Red Army’s final assault on Berlin itself.

    Our K&C model is well and truly battletried and tested and maybe even a little bit battle-weary but it still carries that huge 122mm main gun and comes complete with 2 x crew figures.

  • RA076 Captured! – A solitary, unarmed German soldier is roughly handled by his Red Army captor … He should consider himself lucky he is only being manhandled because he is Wehrmacht … If he was Waffen SS … He would be shot out of hand!

Russian Front and Berlin 1945

New King & Country February Releases

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Beginner Gift Sets

Two new beginner gift sets.

Beginner Gift Sets


This will be a major series for King & Country. King & Country have selected to portray the XX Legion (the 20th Legion) “VALERIA VICTRIX” (Victorious Valeria) of the Imperial Roman Army in the First Century AD.

Originally founded by the Emperor Augustus in 31 BC it fought in Hispania (Spain) from 25-19 BC.

In approx AD9 it marched into Germania to help keep the peace and remained on garrison duty there before joining three other Legions in invading Britain in AD43 under the command of the Emperor Claudius.

It fought and campaigned all over Britain and into the wilds of Caledonia (Scotland) and even helped build the forts and defences known as “Hadrian’s Wall” to help keep the barbaric Picts and Celts out of Romanized Britannia.

Its symbol was the wild running boar which was featured on shields, banners and other items belonging to the Legion.

  • ROM001 Legate – A “Legatus” (anglicized as Legate) was a General of the Roman Army equivalent to a modern general officer. Being of Senatorial rank, his immediate superior was a Proconsul (provincial governor). The Legate outranked all Military Tribunes and was usually appointed by the Emperor himself.The rank carried great prestige and was much sought after by Rome’s noblest families.
    In provinces with only one Legion the Legate might also be the provincial governor.
    In the field the Legate could be distinguished by his elaborate helmet and body armour.

    Our K&C Legate is mounted on a black arab stallion and carries his own purple crested helmet.

  • ROM003 Primus Pilus – The “Primus Pilus” or Primipilus was the most senior centurion of a Roman Legion.In the Legion, the “Cohort” (of which there were between 6 and 10) became the basic tactical unit of each Legion.
    The “Cohort” was then composed of 5 to 8 “Centuries”, each commanded by a Centurion assisted by an “Optio,” a soldier who could read and write.
    The senior Centurion of the Legion and commander of the first Cohort, the Primus Pilus (First Spear) was always, a long-serving soldier and highly experienced advisor to the Legate himself and led the largest century of any particular legion – around 800 soldiers. His command would include cooks, clerks and other non combatants as well as the fighting troops. In modern terms he would be the equivalent of a Major in charge of a large battalion – sized unit.Our K & C “Primus Pilus” is a tough well-decorated veteran of many successful campaigns. His white feathered crest atop his helmet and chest full of victory medallions testify to his senior position and status within the Legion.
  • ROM008 Vexillum Bearer – The “Vexillum” was a small flag-like object used as a military standard for each Legion in the Roman Army.Each vexillum would normally carry the Legion’s number ( in Roman numerals) and the painted or embroidered symbol of that same Legion.

    Unlike the normal Legionaries the Bearer would wear a chain-mail vest or even scale armour rather than the usual overlapping plate armour (the Lorica Segmentata). In addition, the “Vexillum Bearer” would wear an animal skin and head on top of his helmet and equipment.

    Our K&C soldier wears a grey wolf skin pelt and head.

  • ROM012 Marching Legionary – A classic and extremely useful pose this K&C Legionary carries both a large decorated shield and his throwing “Pilus” (Spear). In addition, his side arms included a “Gladius”, the long fighting sword and the shorter “Pugio” (dagger) for use in close combat situations where the sword was impractical to use.As can be seen this regular Roman soldier is wearing the typical Lorica Segmentata armour of the 1st Century AD.


Robin Hood

  • RH022 Sheriff’s Tax CollectorOne of the most hated men in the Shire .. Nottinghamshire that is! This is the man who would come to your village or hovel and demand a substantial share of your income to help fill up the coffers of “The Sheriff” and his liege lord, the dastardly Prince John.Here he sits at his table making a note of everyone’s contribution in either gold, silver or produce.

    On these unwelcome visits he was usually accompanied by several of the Sheriff’s own Men-At-Arms … After all there are plenty of ruffians and cut-throats hiding out in the forest and you can’t be too careful!

  • RH023 Poor Down -Trodden Peasants Set – Alas, where you have “oppressors” you also must have the “oppressed” … Here are two of them … Poor Saxon peasants paying the price of living under cruel and greedy Norman usurpers. In this case evil Prince John and his cruel lackey, “The Sheriff of Nottingham.”In this set the husband hands over a few coins of the realm together with a chicken. His wife supplies a basket of goose eggs and … the pair of geese that laid them!

Robin Hood

Pike & Musket

During the troubled times of the English Civil War (as if there was not enough trouble and strife around) there suddenly and unexpectedly appeared a spate of witchcraft trials and executions. .. mostly in England’s East Anglia.

  • PnM072 Witchfinder General – Mathew Hopkins was a self-appointed witch-hunter whose career flourished during the major upheavals caused by the English Civil War.Although never officially sanctioned by Parliament, he prowled far and wide across East Anglia conducting investigations, trials and executions from 1644-1647.

    More than 300 unfortunate people, mostly women, fell victim to his deadly inquisitions with more being hanged and burned than in all of the previous 100 years!

    Our figure shows him in Parliamentary garb and wearing a black cloak and hat and carrying both a volume of Parish records … and a sword.

    He was memorably played by legendary horror film villain, Vincent Price in “Witchfinder General”, a 1968 British horror movie.

  • PnM073 Cavalier & The Lady – A bold cavalier takes the hand of a pretty young maiden during one of the short interludes between battles and skirmishes.

Pike & Musket Collection

French Hussars

French 7th Hussars

Real West

Although these two grizzled veterans of Texas law enforcement saw more than their fair share of “Indian Fighting” neither, fortunately for them, was at the Little Bighorn on that fateful day in 1976.

Instead, they decided to gather a herd of cattle and, with a few good men, drive them north out of Texas and up to Montana to start a cattle ranch.

Larry McMurtry, the great Texan writer wrote a similar tale and called it “Lonesome Dove” which became a Pulitzer-prize winning novel and a great television series starring Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall as the two retired Texas Rangers.

This is our small tribute to the Texas Rangers and … San Antonio where some of the action takes place.

The Real West

Battle of Little Big Horn

The bloody battle continues between the officers and men of Custer’s 7th Cavalry and the combined forces of Sitting Bull’s Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors on the slopes above the Little Bighorn river

  • TRW099 Buffalo Hump – Riding his favorite war pony this Arapaho warrior brandishes his stone club about to bring it down on the head of some unfortunate 7th Cavalry trooper.
  • TRW100 Eagle’s Wing – Galloping past a group of the hated “Long knives” this Northern Cheyenne dog soldier turns in the saddle to fire his Winchester at one of the enemy.
  • TRW101 Two Moons – A white-faced Lakota Sioux charges past some more of the beleaguered “Bluecoats” fighting for their lives against the thousands of attacking Indians.
  • TRW106 Kneeling Firing – Another version of a trooper making every bullet count.
  • TRW107 Kneeling Ready – Crouching down and seeking out another “damn injun”!

Battle of Little Big Horn June 25/26, 1876.

Australian Light Horse

A desert-camouflaged version of Henry Ford’s classis Model ‘T’ complete with two “Diggers” and a front-mounted Vickers Machine Gun.

In the flat bed back of the vehicle is a spare. 303 Lee Enfield rifle and a folded-up tripod for the Vickers.

Australian Light Horse

Operation Market Garden

Lance Sergeant John Baskeyield was part of the 2nd Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment, an air landing unit of the British 1st. Airborne Division, that flew into Arnhem on 17 September, 1944 as part of “Operation Market Garden”.

Expecting only light German opposition the British were surprised to find 2 x Waffen SS Panzer Grenadier Divisions in and around the Dutch town which soon put the attackers on the defensive!

L/Sgt. Baskeyfield as an NCO was in charge of 2 x 6pdr. Anti tank guns helping to protect the Division’s main position in Oosterbeek, a small suburb on the outskirts of Arnhem. On 20 September, just after dawn John Baskeyfield and his two guns were in position defending a ‘T’ junction when a major German assault began. Two German tanks and an assault gun, supported by enemy infantry, moved toward the British location.

L/Sgt. Baskeyfield allowed them to get within 100 yards before opening fire and ‘knocking-out’ all three tracked vehicles. British paratroopers in houses alongside the anti tank guns decimated the German infantry with rifle and machine gun fire.

In the course of this action most of the young NCO’s gunners were killed or wounded and he himself badly injured. He refused however to be evacuated to a nearby Aid Station.

Sometime later another German assault began and the L/Sgt. again worked his gun alone – loading, laying and firing it on his own. He fired round after round at the enemy until his own gun was put out of action. Then he crawled over to the other gun whose crew had suffered the same fate as his own. From here, he once more single-handedly opened fire on another German self-propelled gun disabling it. Sadly, when loading the next round into the breech of his gun he was killed by a shell from yet one more German tank.


For his actions, bravery and supreme sacrifice he was awarded Britain’s highest military honor, “The Victoria Cross”.

Part of his citation reads, “The superb gallantry of this NCO is beyond praise … He spurned danger, ignored pain and by his supreme fighting spirit and dogged devotion to duty was a constant inspiration to all ranks who witnessed his actions.”


Our new set portrays the wounded young Lance Sergeant loading his gun with a 6 pdr. Shell. The set also includes the 6pdr. Gun, an ammunition box and 2 x additional shells.

Operation Market Garden

Fields of Battle

  • FoB136 Three City Gents – 3 x well-tailored individual Gentlemen “Civvies” to help populate any city or town street in the 1930’s or 1940’s.
  • FoB137 Good Friends – 2 x young ladies, dressed in typical 1940’s garb walk arm in arm down any wartime street anywhere in occupied Europe or Britain.

Fields of Battle

Streets of Old Hong Kong

No, not the Chris de Burgh song but a Chinese beauty wearing the traditional “Cheongsam” (Long Dress) beloved by generations of very pretty Oriental ladies …


New King & Country January Releases!

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

Afrika Korps

  • AK111 Soldier Lifting Jerricans – An AK soldier together with a pair of fresh water jerricans.
  • Ak112 Wounded German Soldiers – Two lightly-wounded AK soldiers awaiting transport.
  • AK113 Panzer II Ausf B – One of the mainstays of Rommel’s armoured force the Panzer II could be seen all over the North African battlefields. Lightly armed (as well as armoured) the little Panzer II still had a vital role to play especially in reconnaissance and for outflanking enemy positions.

    Our new K&C version (we produced another one many years ago) is in the markings of the 21st Panzer Division and comes with the vehicle commander.

  • AK114 Afrika Korps Motorcycle – This single seat BMW motorcycle comes complete with the AK Dispatch Rider.

Afrika Korps

Battle of the Bulge – British

  • BBB009 The Piper – To accompany our recently released British / Scots “winter” infantry we decided to add on a kilted bagpiper of the Royal Scots Fusiliers as he would have appeared in late 1944 / early 1945. Although chilled to the bone by the terrible winter weather this ‘hardy soul’ is still brave enough (and sturdy enough too) to wear his regimental kilt!

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge – German

  • BBG110 SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny – One of Hitler’s favourite soldiers… This Waffen SS officer made his reputation rescuing deposed Italian dictator Benito Mussolini from his hidden mountain imprisonment on Gran Sasso. Since then Skorzeny was promoted and given a number of undercover missions to perform before being put in charge of a small unit of English-speaking German soldiers who, dressed in US Army uniforms, and using captured U.S. Vehicles were to infiltrate Allied lines and create panic and confusion in advance of the German attack during the Battle of the Bulge.

    Skorzeny himself never donned US Army uniform but was a well known and easily recognized figure in the Third Reich thanks to Propaganda Chief Goebbel’s publicity machine and won the Oak Leaves to his Knight’s Cross for his efforts, late in the war, trying to defend Frankfurt.

    After the war he still led a colourful and exciting life … escaping Allied internment … advising foreign governments … and even working with MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service !!!

    He died in Spain in 1975 aged 67.

    Our latest Skorzeny figure portrays him during the “Battle of the Bulge” wearing the reversible SS Winter / Autumn camouflage smock / jacket and grey trousers complete with SS “Feldschmutze” (field cap).

  • BBG111 SKODA Radschlepper Ost – On the Eastern Front one of the most urgent German necessities was for a heavy, multi-purpose tractor that could haul supplies and artillery over the very rough Russian road network.

    In late 1941, famed German designer, Ferdinand Porsche proposed a large, four-wheeled drive tractor mounted on huge metal wheels that he believed could fill the requirement.

    He proposed that his design could be built at the Skoda Automobile Plant in German controlled Bohemia and Moravia utilizing its Czech workforce. Work began immediately and by mid 1942 the first samples of Porsche’s design were ready to be tested.

    The results were at best … mixed. However an order was placed for 200 of the now-called “Radschlepper Ost”.

    Although originally meant for service on the Eastern Front, only a handful ever went in that direction. The vast majority served in the West particularly Normandy, the Netherlands and even some during the Ardennes campaign.

    K&C has chosen the snow-camouflaged “winter” version of the vehicle as its first release. Each piece includes a driver, moving wheels and a detachable rear canvas covering.

  • BBG112 KLAUS – Rifle over one shoulder, this soldier wears the Army pattern – “Splinter Camouflage” hooded smock and carries a valuable jerrican of rare gasoline.
  • BBG113 ERICH – A Waffen SS “Chained Dog” (military policeman) indicates the way to some of his advancing comrades. Like Skorzeny, he wears the reversible SS Autumn / Winter Camo Jacket and carries the StG44, the revolutionary German Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle.
  • BBG114 WILLI – By this late stage in the war the sheer variety of uniforms worn by Germany’s soldiers was simply staggering … A few however were still more traditionally dressed and this front-line soldier still wears the long army greatcoat. However he is carrying the “Gewehr 43” the semi automatic rifle developed during the war following riflemen’s actual combat experiences on the battlefield with the existing bolt-action K98. Utilizing a 10 round box magazine the rifle, strangely enough, did not have a bayonet mount!
  • BBG115 Hauptmann Stossel – This Wehrmacht captain is wearing a non regulation fur cap together with his “Splinter Camo” jacket … his steel helmet by his side.
  • BBG116 FRIEDRICH – Our last infantryman of this release has found himself a white “Snow Smock” and carries his K98 with bayonet fixed! He’s also obtained a nice pair of captured binoculars!

Battle of the Bulge

Berlin 1938

  • LAH208 Adolf in Lederhosen – As most of us know the Fuhrer was fond of the great outdoors and, from time to time would take himself away up to the mountains and enjoy the wonders of nature … Here he is, nattily attired, in traditional Bavarian “Lederhosen” for a little jaunt in the woods.
  • LAH209 Lederhosen Heini – Next to the Fuhrer the most likely candidate to accompany Adolf into the woods was his trusted Reichsfuhrer SS, Heinrich Himmler.

    Of all the leading Nazis, Herr Himmler was the one who most enjoyed the long mountain walks in the fresh Alpine air listening to the future plans of the future Fuhrer.

Berlin’38 Leibstandarte

Gang of Heroes

During the 1950’s and 1960’s rarely did a year go by without a “Prisoner of War” movie being released by major British and American film companies.

“Stalag 17” … “The Colditz Story” … “The Wooden Horse” … “ Von Ryan’s Express” … and, of course, “The Great Escape”.

All of these great movies told daring tales of plucky and persistent Allied POW’s who, despite all kinds of privations and problems, used their combined wits, talents and cunning to foil their German captors best efforts to keep them all locked-up and safely contained within the multiple barbwire fences of their prison camps.

This is King & Country’s tribute in miniature to the real men behind the wire and the many fine movies (and some TV series) that told their stories …

  • TGE001 The Great Escapers – Squadron Leader Roger Bushell, immortalized as “Big X” in “The Great Escape” movie … Next to him stands a US Army Air Force officer famed for his insubordinate nature and a persistent escaper … The third member of the trio is also an American, an original member of one of the Royal Air Force’s “Eagle” squadrons, made up of American volunteers who chose to fly for the RAF before America entered the war.

    Like many other POW’s these men decided not to just sit-out the war behind the barbed wire … They were going to do their best (and their worst) to escape and give the Germans a real ‘run for their money!’

  • DD300 Master Sergeant Joe Gunn – Another favorite movie of mine is (was) “SAHARA”, the wartime 1943 film starring Humphrey Bogart and a large General Lee tank called “Lulubelle”. In the dim and distant past K&C produced a Lee tank together with a standing figure of “Lulubelle’s” commander.

    An M3 Lee tank, attached to the British Army in North Africa, has become separated from its unit … Now, its commander, Master Sergeant Joe Gunn has become separated from his tank !!!

    A nice single reminder of one of K&C’s oldest tank sets.

Gang of Heroes

New King & Country January Releases!

Saturday, January 14th, 2017


When we released our first batch of Apaches in 2016 we had many requests from collectors to provide alternative versions of certain useful figures to add extra numbers to their action diorama scenes.


World of Dickens / Ceremonial

A very familiar sight on certain streets of London even today are the mounted soldiers of the Household Cavalry. These men and horses belong to the two most senior cavalry regiments in the British Army, the “Blues and Royals” and the “Life Guards”. While on ceremonial duties in London they are garrisoned at Hyde Park Barracks in Knightsbridge in the heart of the capital.

Here, for the first time, K&C are producing 3 individual mounted figures of the “Life Guards”, resplendent in their red tunics and gleaming silver breastplates surmounted by magnificent gold and silver helmets with white plumes.

All men of the “Life Guards”, with the exception of their trumpeters, are mounted on jet black steeds. Trumpeters ride a white horse.

Their ceremonial uniforms today have not changed since the last quarter of the 19th Century so Sherlock Holmes himself would not have been surprised to see them ride down Baker Street in all their military splendor … either yesterday or today !

  • WoD052 Life Guards Officer
  • WoD053 Life Guards Non Commissioned Officer – The backbone of any great military unit, and the “Life Guards” is no exception, are the Non Commissioned Officers. Cavalry regiments have some unique ranks for NCO’s such as … “Squadron Corporal Major” (Warrant Officer Class 2) and “Corporal of Horse” (Sergeant). These date back to the earliest days of the British Cavalry during the English Civil War.
  • WoD054 Life Guards Trooper – “Trooper” in the cavalry is the equivalent of a “Private” in the infantry and the lowest entry rank to the regiment.All mounted troopers have already completed 14 weeks of basic training before moving onto a further 12 weeks of specific military skill training.For those joining the ceremonial squadrons (cavalry regiments have squadrons, the infantry equivalent is the rifle company) a 12 week “Khaki Ride” which includes stable management, horsemanship and basic riding skills will be taught at Windsor, near London. Then the graduate moves to Hyde Park Barracks in the capital where they will learn to ride wearing the colourful ceremonial uniforms that generations of Household Cavalrymen have worn.Fully trained troopers can expect to spend 18-24 months taking part in traditional daily duties on Horse Guards Parade and Whitehall as well as numerous State Ceremonial occasions throughout the year.

World of Dickens

Streets of Old Hong Kong

In this the ‘Year of the Rooster’ we’re presenting new colourful versions of some old favorites.

  • HK254M Celebrating The New Year – For Chinese families the New Year is a time to come together and meet up and enjoy good food and celebrations. It’s also a time to return to the family home and be with parents and bring them special gifts as well as receiving other gifts in return from the family elders themselves.This beautiful 5-figure set (Mother, Father, Son and Grandparents) comes together with the small table and the beautifully decorated blue and white vase.
  • HK254G Celebrating The New Year
  • HK250M The Tangerine Buyer – Most traditional Chinese homes and houses are decorated for the coming new year with all kinds of floral displays. Among the most popular are the miniature orange trees and bushes which attract good fortune and prospects for the coming Lunar New Year. This house servant carries one of the special “Orange Trees” while another sits at his feet.
  • HK250G The Tangerine Buyer


King & Country December Releases!

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Deep in Sherwood Forest or high on the walls of Nottingham Castle …

Two fine “add-ons” to this relatively new range of medieval figures that are proving to be a ‘bulls-eye’ with collectors around the globe …

  • RH021 “The Duel” – One of my all-time favourite movies is “The Adventures of Robin Hood”, where Errol Flynn fights the famous dueling scene with Basil Rathbone inside Nottingham Castle … This is our small tribute to two great actors and one great movie!
  • RH025 “Mutch” The Miller’s Son – “Mutch” is featured in many of the myths and legends of Robin Hood … although not as famous as Will Scarlett or Little John we felt he should be included among “The Merrie Men”.

Robin Hood

Desert Village

Desert Village

Long Live The King!

When we first released our “Pike & Musket” series one of the most important and popular figures was King Charles I. So, popular in fact that we decided to produce an additional ‘personality figure’ of the doomed English monarch.

  • PnM067 King Charles I – Our earlier Charles figure portrayed the King in “battle order” complete with metal breastplate … Our newest King Charles I shows him in the more colourful court dress of the period.

English Civil War – Pike & Musket


French Artillery, Infantry, and Dragoons.

Napoleonic – Old Guard

Presenting the 2nd installment of “The Old Guard” at Waterloo.

Of all Napoleon’s army none was more famous or as respected as the Emperor’s Grenadiers of his Imperial Guards. During the time of his reign Napoleon’s Imperial Guard enjoyed many nicknames … “Les Grognards” (the Grumblers) being the most famous.

The Guard enjoyed better pay, rations, quarters and equipment than the rest of the army. That was because they were the ‘chosen few’ … selected from the best and most experienced infantrymen of the army and already veterans of many previous battles and campaigns.

In October / November we released our first batch … Here now are the additional ones to this dramatic collection.

French Imperial Guard

“Up to your neck in mud and bullets!”

Five “cunning” new figures take a slightly different view of “The Great War”. All of these figures were inspired by the classic British TV series, “BLACKADDER GOES FORTH” starring Rowan Atkinson.

Special Note : A sixth figure … “Lieut. George” is currently in development for release in 2017.

  • FW226 Capt. Edmund Blackadder & Pvt. Baldrick – Blackadder is (was) a professional soldier who, until the outbreak of hostilities in 1914, enjoyed a relatively danger-free military career occasionally having to fight, “Two foot tall natives armed with a motley collection of sharpened sticks!”
    Pvt. Baldrick, is his short, scrofulous and profoundly stupid batman (military manservant).
  • FW227 Squadron Commander The Lord Flasheart – Is an arrogant and boisterous Royal Flying Corps ‘ace’ who believes he is “God’s gift to women” and wildly attractive to any female that happens to cross his path. He’s most definitely mad … bad … and dangerous to know!
  • FW228 Gen. Melchett & Capt. Darling – General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett. A loud, childish, incompetent and pompous warmonger whose battle tactics and military knowledge are firmly set somewhere in the Middle Ages! (Blackadder’s brigade commander.)
    Capt. Kevin Darling. General Melchett’s unscrupulous and fawning adjutant. He’s also Blackadder’s bitter rival. While Blackadder is very definitely “up the sharp end,” Captain Darling is comfortably ensconced safely back at General Headquarters (GHQ)… and fully intends staying there!

France 1917

King & Country December Releases!

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

WW2 “Personalities & Pathos”

Three small releases portraying three different heroes of WW2 …

  • DD296 Prime Minister Churchill – Churchill figures have always been popular with K&C collectors and here is another of the PM in a familiar pose.
  • DD297 Major Dick Winters – Ever since reading Stephen Ambrose’s fine book “Band of Brothers” and seeing and enjoying the television series I have been a great admirer of the late Dick Winters … a truly magnificent officer and leader of men. After visiting the statue of Major Winters in Normandy I wanted K&C to produce a figure solely dedicated to him.
  • DD298 “Don’t Cry!” – US Army nurses in the field often had to deal and comfort the civilian casualties as well … Here an army nurse gently comforts a young French girl. An excellent addition to the K&C new US Army Nurse & Jeep set.

D-Day ’44

Barrle of the Bulge

By March 1945 British, Canadian and American forces had crossed the Rhine and were fighting their way into the heart of Hitler’s crumbling Third Reich. Although on its last legs their German opponents were still deadly and dangerous. Fortunately for the British at least their hard-pressed armoured divisions finally had a British-designed and built tank that could take on the best of the German ‘heavies’, the Panther and the Tiger, on equal terms – The ‘Comet’.

  • BBB001 The British Comet TankThis cruiser tank was a better designed and much improved armoured vehicle than its predecessor, the Cromwell.
    Mounting a new 77mm High Velocity main gun in a lower profile turret it was hugely effective against all German armour. Following its battlefield success in the last months of the war the Comet saw extensive service post war in Korea and Germany and remained with the British Army until the late 1950’s. It also led directly to the development of the ‘Centurion’ tank, Britain’s finest and most successful tank of the post 1945 period.

    Our new K&C model is in the markings of a tank belonging to The Fife & Forfar Yeomanry (44 Brigade) of the 11th British Armoured Division. Two small crew figures are included.

  • BBB002 British Tank Riders SetFour kneeling, crouching and sitting British infantrymen from the Royal Scots Fusiliers, a Scottish unit attached to the predominantly English 5th Infantry Division (Yorkshire). Perfect passengers for the Comet or any of our other K&C British armour.

Battle of the Bulge


The Singapore Armed Forces may be relatively small in numbers but they are highly professional, well motivated and extremely well-equipped and trained.

In addition to the “Regular” full-time soldiers, sailors and airmen … Singapore has ‘National Service’ for all male Singaporeans over the age of 18.

Upon ‘Call-Up’ young Singaporeans will either be directed to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) or the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). The vast majority go to the SAF.

Within the SAF the best and most elite unit is the Singapore Commando Formation. A battalion-sized unit that specializes in reconnaissance and preemptive operations in small groups within enemy territory.

Our special Singapore event figure portrays a soldier of the Commando Formation in NO. 1 Dress uniform complete with Red Beret and carrying his SAR21, the 5.56mm Assault Rifle, Singapore designed and manufactured weapon with fixed bayonet.


Street of Old Hong Kong

  • HK248M Master Wong – Over the years there have been several martial arts experts who have been given the title “Master Wong”. Perhaps the most famous was Wong Fei Hung (1847 – 1925) His exploits have been featured in several Chinese movies. Our figure portrays him in a typical training pose.
  • HK249M Master Wong’s Pupils – Two of the master’s pupils undergoing training.
  • HK265M The Flying Dragons – You really can’t have a dragon boat race with just 3 x “dragon boats” … So, we’ve added a fourth – “The Flying Dragons”. This 8-man crew were blue and golden yellow uniforms and sail under their own distinctive flag.
  • HK248G Master Wong
  • HK249G Master Wong’s Pupils
  • HK265G The Flying Dragons


King & Country Beginner Sets!

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Beginner Gift Sets

Collecting Toy Soldiers is a great hobby and a whole lot of fun… They also make terrific gifts for all kinds of occasions especially for friends who may not be collecting yet… but do love history!

We’ve got 18 different combination sets on hand that represent just a small selection of the many exciting and colourful ranges KING & COUNTRY produces and make terrific “BEGINNERS’ BONUS” GIFT SETS.

Take a closer look. These will be available for a limited time only while stocks last… Don’t miss out!

Beginner Gift Sets

King & Country November Releases!

Monday, November 14th, 2016


A Christmas Carol” is one of Charles Dickens most famous and best-loved works … Here are three of the principal characters …

  • WoD037 Ebenezer Scrooge – “Scrooge” is the central character of this short 1843 novella. At the beginning of the tale he is a mean-hearted miser … During the story we see him almost miraculously reformed thanks to the intervention of the “Ghosts of Christmas” …
  • WoD038 The Ghost of Jacob Marley – This is the first Ghost to appear to Scrooge on Christmas Eve. He is Scrooge’s old business partner and now is seen covered in chains and damned to wander the earth forevermore.
  • WoD039 The Ghost of Christmas Present – According to Dickens this particular Ghost is a huge, jolly giant who wears a green fur lined robe and is seated amongst a veritable wealth of delicious food and drink.

    He is healthy, happy and full of good cheer … in one hand he holds aloft a flaming torch.

World of Dickens


Our main “Christmas Release” this year are these two colouful and happy little vignettes.

  • XM016-02 The Snowman Family – A small collection of tartan-garbed snowmen made up of Mummy, Daddy and Baby … complete with very Scottish accessories!
  • XM016-03 Dickens Village Christmas Tree – This is sure to be the focal point of any “World of Dickens” display especially at Christmas time. Our all-new decorated tree (much larger than the previous one) stands proudly on a stone base surrounded by wrought-iron railings … Perfect for any Dickens town or village square.

Christmas – Limited Edition

Life of Jesus

  • SP083 Village Stable – Since we retired our original “Desert Village” Stable we have wanted to make a replacement. And now you see it. This new “Stable” is very different to the old one … A stone and half-timbered construction it can be utilized in a wide variety of historical eras and locations … from biblical times all the way up to the 1st and 2nd World Wars… the choice is yours.
  • LoJ042 The Shepherds – Again, thanks to the suggestions and ideas of collectors we have re-issued this older set but with different colour combinations.
  • LoJ043 Goat Herder – Another useful addition with a different colour combination.
  • LoJ044 In The Carpenter’s Shop – One more variation of a very popular set of Joseph the Carpenter with the youthful Jesus in his carpentry workshop.

Life of Jesus

King & Country November Releases!

Monday, November 14th, 2016


  • AK107 Rommel’s ADLER Command Vehicle – During his time in North Africa, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel made use of several different vehicles to get around the battlefield – both German and captured British. Two of his personal favourites were a pair of SdKfz.250 half tracks especially adapted for his personal use, “GREIF” and “ADLER”.Back in 2007 K&C produced a “Strictly Limited” version of the “GREIF” which swiftly sold out and ever since has been much sought after on the ‘secondary market’.

    Now, we have produced a brand-new and much improved model of the other vehicle, the “ADLER”. Again this new model has a fully detailed interior and two complete figures, a driver and a radio operator.

    Unlike the first Command Vehicle this new version also has a 2-colour camouflage scheme.

  • AK108 Rommel on Inspection – Erwin Rommel was one general who always liked to see for himself what was going on. His frequent inspection tours of front line troops both boosted morale and gave him direct access to what was actually happening on the battlefield.
    Here for the first time, we see the “Desert Fox “ wearing shorts alongwith his normal uniform jacket.
  • AK109 Rommel’s Aide de Camp – Usually when Rommel went out on his inspection tours he would always take at least one ADC with him … to carry maps, take notes and to handle any one of dozens of tasks that he would need as he moved from position to position.
  • AK110 The AK Medical Officer – Always indispensable to any Army at war. Our officer indicates something as he makes his report.

Afrika Korps


  • DD293 U.S. Army Medics Jeep – A WW2 US Army Nurse behind the wheel of the ‘classic’ jeep. This particular jeep is clearly marked with red crosses and, additionally, carries a red cross flag.

D-Day ’44

Invasion of Malaya

Although the original meaning of “BANZAI !” translates to “Ten thousand Years of Long Life!” It is more usually associated with the shouts of Japanese soldiers going into the attack or cheering a successful victory.
Our recent 2016 releases of Japanese soldiers, sailors and airmen (and their aircraft) of WW2 certainly merits a “BANZAI !” or two from both K&C dealers and collectors around the world … Here are another batch …

Although the original meaning of “BANZAI !” translates to “Ten thousand Years of Long Life!” It is more usually associated with the shouts of Japanese soldiers going into the attack or cheering a successful victory.
Our recent 2016 releases of Japanese soldiers, sailors and airmen (and their aircraft) of WW2 certainly merits a “BANZAI !” or two from both K&C dealers and collectors around the world … Here are another batch …

  • JN025 Japanese Officer – A standing senior officer consulting his map … on his head the Japanese sun helmet and by his side his “Nambu” pistol and traditional Samurai-style sword.
  • JN027 Standing Officer with Sword Drawn – This junior officer prepares to lead his men forward with a touch of cold steel. Many Japanese officers preferred to dispatch their enemies with their Samurai sword rather than use their side arm …
  • JN033 Kneeling Rifleman with Grenade – Crouching down on one knee this infantryman holds his rifle in one hand and a Grenade in the other.
  • JN034 Standing Machine Gunner – With his Type 99 Light Machine Gun resting over one shoulder this soldier awaits the next order to advance.
  • JN035 Standing with Rifle & Bayonet Another useful pose … With bayonet fixed to his Arisaka rifle this infantryman can be used in a number of different scenarios … either in action or on guard duty. This Japanese soldier moves slowly forward, ever watchful and wary.
  • JN036 Moving Cautiously Forward – Unfortunate wounded soldiers falling into the hands of the all-conquering Japanese had plenty of reasons to feel uneasy.
  • JN039 Captured British / Empire Soldier

Invasion of Malaya

Battle of the Bulge

For the first time, K&C are releasing a number of British infantry figures as they would have appeared in the last winter of WW2 in Europe.
Special Note : This 6-man patrol is just the first installment of more “Winter-Clad” British Infantry and a great new COMET tank due for release in December 2016.

  • BBB003 British Officer with Sten Gun – It’s often forgotten that British troops also took part in “The Battle of The Bulge” in December and January 1944/45. This officer leads a patrol forward on the Northern side of the ‘Bulge’ where both British and American troops helped force the Germans back as they attempted to enlarge their bridgehead.
  • BBB004 Advancing Infantryman – With his Lee Enfield rifle at the “high port” position this soldier is well-wrapped-up against the winter weather. In addition to his woolen gloves and scarf he also wears the long, sleeveless leather jerkin, much favoured by British soldiers since WW1.
  • BBB005 Walking Bren-gunner – Using the web strap to help support the weapon this Bren Gunner stays on the alert as he advances. Again, he’s fully kitted-out with cold-weather gloves, scarf and jerkin.
  • BBB006 Advancing Rifleman
  • BBB007 “Stop!” – This sergeant, Sten Gun in hand, is moving ahead of the patrol and has clearly seen something as he hand-signals back to the other men to halt.
  • BBB008 Walking Rifleman – Another useful junior NCO to have in a patrol.

Battle of the Bulge

Berlin 1938

On 20 July 1944, a group of senior Wehrmacht officers attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler using a time bomb hidden in a brief case placed next to Hitler during a meeting at the Fuhrer’s headquarters in East Prussia.
The bomb exploded, killing and wounding several top officers attending the meeting … It completely wrecked the room where the meeting was held … But amazingly, Hitler escaped with relatively minor injuries!

Just a few hours later he emerged, seemingly intact, to see the destruction for himself and visit those wounded in the blast.

  • LAH201 “One Hour After… “ – The Führer, clutching a badly bruised right arm walks together with Field Marshal Keitel, Luftwaffe Chief Hermann Göring and Head of the Reich Chancellery Martin Bormann on their way to see the wounded officers.
    A handful of photos survive of this short walk which proved to Germany and the world that Hitler had, once again survived a deadly attack.Our 4-figure set is based on one of the photos.

Berlin’38 Leibstandarte

New King and Country October Releases!

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

Ancient Egypt

Here we find two of history’s most famous lovers… and tragic ones too…
Antony & Cleopatra.

  • AE060 Mark Antony – Marcus Antonius, more commonly known in English as Mark or Marc Antony. A powerful Roman politician and general and a staunch ally of Julius Caesar.Following Caesar’s death he was involved in a power struggle with Caesar’s successor Octavian (later to be called Augustus). Although married to Octavian’s sister he carried on an affair with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra who bore him 3 children.Eventually Mark Antony and Octavian’s mutual hostility erupted into Civil War and Antony fled to Egypt after his army was defeated at the Battle of Actium. Shortly thereafter the lovers committed suicide.

    Our figure of Mark Antony in Roman general’s uniform and armour is based on the designs used in the 1963 epic “Cleopatra” starring Elizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton as Mark Antony.

  • AE061 Cleopatra – Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile and the lover of Mark Antony. She was also the last pharaoh of the Ptolemaic line of Egyptian rulers. These were all descended from Ptolemy, one of Alexander the Great’s generals.Her first Roman paramour was Julius Caesar himself and by him she had a son Caesarion. After Caesar’s assassination she aligned herself with Mark Antony. Following Antony’s suicide she also killed herself.The K&C figure draws on several influences for its design most notably, the 1963 “Cleopatra” movie.
  • AE-S01 Antony & Cleopatra Set
    – Although both figures are available individually there is also a special
    2-figure boxed set.

Ancient Egypt

The Old Guard at

The “Old Guard” (les Vielle Garde) were the elite veteran elements of the Emperor Napoleon’s Imperial Guard. As such they were the most loyal and prestigious formation in Bonaparte’s Grande Armee. Other French soldiers often called them “The Immortals”. Many of the men that made up the Old Guard were veterans of Napoleon’s earlier campaigns and were hand-selected for their courage … military skills and … above average height.

Although disbanded first in 1814 they returned to duty in 1815 when upon Napoleon’s return from exile they reformed to fight at Waterloo. The regiment was tasked with protecting the field position around the Emperor on the day of battle and suffered grievously being the rearguard that allowed Napoleon to flee the field after this final defeat.

This first release of our new K&C figures shows the “Old Guard” as they appeared on that fateful day. More will follow shortly …

  • NA358 Standing Ready
    Although already wounded this veteran guardsman stands his ground ready to repel
    the enemy…
  • NA359 Moving Forward
    Another old soldier moves forward … musket at the ‘high port’ position.
  • NA360 Loading – This hatless
    guardsman reached back into his ammunition pouch for another cartridge.
  • NA361 Still Fighting – This
    soldier has been knocked to the ground (or perhaps wounded) … but still
    engages the enemy.
  • NA362 Thrusting with Bayonet
    – Perhaps out of ammunition this guardsmen is resorting to ‘cold steel’ to
    attack the enemy.
  • NA363 Standing Firing – A
    classic figure in a classic fighting pose.
  • NA364 Standing Firing (hatless)
    – In any extended firing line it helps to have a little variety … and here is
    one … minus his ‘bearskin’ of course.
  • NA365 The Tambour/Drummer
    A fine-looking drummer, oblivious to the noise of battle all around him, beats
    out the orders.
  • NA367 Mounted Officer – This
    mounted ‘Old Guard’ officer wearing the bicorne with drawn sword rallies his
  • NA-S01 The Old Guard Set (NA358 – 364)
    – When you buy all 7 of our “Old Guard” fighting soldiers NA358-NA364 inclusive
    … We provide NA365 “The Drummer” FREE OF CHARGE!


Imperial China

Sun Quan (182-252) was a famous warlord of the Three Kingdoms era in hina.

He was notable for gathering important and honorable men to his side and gained the support of the common people for his fairness and honesty during these turbulent times in China.

He enjoyed a long and successful reign before dying in 252 at the age of 70.

The Imperial Collection

Streets of Old Hong

  • HK256 The TAI PAN’s House – This traditional walled and gated entrance can still be seen in some of Hong Kong’s outlying islands and remoter parts of the New Territories. There are also many fine examples in China itself and other parts of South East Asia where there are large Chinese communities.A great centre piece and an excellent backdrop for all kinds of scenes.
  • HK260M The Fish Seller Set – A colourful second-painted version of this highly popular set.
  • HK260G The Fish Seller Set



everyone knows Santa does not make all those gifts and toys for good little
girls and boys all by himself … He’s gotta have some expert help!

Christmas – Limited Edition


Berlin’38 Leibstandarte

Pike & Musket

very useful 2-man sets for this colourful 17th Century series …

  • PnM064 The King’s Duellists
    – One of King Louis XIII’s Musketeers engages in a duel with one of Cardinal Richelieu’s Bodyguards …Ostensibly both units served the King however there existed a fierce rivalry between the two factions and fighting and duelling often erupted whenever they met in public … or private.
  • PnM065 English Civil War Duellists
    – In England, around the same time, duels between armies took precedence over personal disagreements.Here one of Cromwell’s “Ironsides” fights it out with a dismounted Royalist cavalier.

Pike &
Musket Collection