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The World of Knights - Schleich, BBI & Safari

knight on horse with fleur-de-lis coat of arms

Each Knight is made to 1:20 scale. This translates into a Foot Knight being approximately 3.7 inches high,  and a Knight on Horse being approximately 5.2 inches high.

Medieval Knights
First released in September 2003. Each Knight is made of plastic, but is uniquely hand painted.
Dragon Knights
New for 2013!
Griffin Knights
New for 2013!
Medieval Castle
  The following figures are produced by BBI, and we highly recommend them for use with the Schleich  - World of Knights Collection.
Medieval Knights
Legends Series
Each figure is made to 1:20 scale, is hand painted and made of plastic.
  The following figures are produced by Safari, and we highly recommend them for use with the Schleich - World of Knights Collection.
Days of Old
Days of Old Collection features classic fairytale figures in all their glory
Dragons - Updated January 24, 2015!
Mythical Realms - Updated January 24, 2015!
Safari Ltd presents its interpretation of mythical creatures based on the colorful stories of ancient Greek mythology.
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